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Name Term description
Name S Term description


Name Sasine Term description

Instrument by which changes in ownership of land were recorded.

Name Services of heirs Term description

On the death of a landowner, the heir had to prove his right to inherit the land. An investigation took place to ascertain the extent of the land held by the deceased, and a retour (return) of the jury's decision was made to the Chancery. The heir received a certified copy of the retour, thereby ratifying the entitlement.

Name Sett Term description

A lease

Name Spiritualities Term description

Teinds owed to the church

Name Stent Term description

Valuation, tax

Name Stent roll Term description

Valuation roll

Name Summa Term description

The sum, or total, normally found at the end of the inventory where the value of the deceased's estate is given [Latin].

Name Superior Term description

The person who had made an original grant of land in return for the payment of an annual sum or feu, or for the performance of certain services, or both. The person receiving the grant who was thereby bound to make the payment or do the service which went with the lands was the superior's vassal.

Name Surrogate Term description

To appoint as a substitute; a substitute in respect of a right or claim.