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Name Term description
Name A-N C of M Term description

Ante-Nuptial Contract of Marriage

Name Abbot Term description

Senior monk in charge of an abbey in the pre-Reformation, Roman Catholic or Episcopal church

Name Ablepsy Term description

Loss of sight.

Name Accomptant/accountant Term description

One who arranges and analyses financial accounts for others

Name ACG Term description

Adjutant General's Corps

Name Acre Term description

A unit of square measure equal to 4 roods. For more information, see our guide to weights and measures.

Name Act Term description

Formal decision

Name Addettit Term description

Indebted to, owing

Name Addn. Term description


Name Adjudication Term description

[Or 'adjudication for debt'] The legal action by which a debtor's property was passed to his creditors.  Adjudication in implement, on the other hand, is a decision by a court to implement a defective title to land.

Name Admiral Term description

Senior naval officer, in charge of a fleet

Name ADN Term description

A Daughter Named

Name Advocate Term description

A lawyer who is qualified to plead before the higher courts of law (corresponds to a barrister in England)

Name Ag. Lab. Term description

Agricultural labourer

Name Agent Term description

Someone acting for someone else in an official, often financial, capacity

Name Agent for the sick and wounded at Gibraltar Term description

Someone acting for someone else in an official, often financial, capacity

Name AGRL Term description

Agricultural Land

Name Ague Term description

Fever, usually malarial, characterised by sweating and shaking.

Name Aide-de-camp Term description

Junior military officer appointed as assistant to more senior officer

Name Air Term description


Name Aitts/aittis Term description


Name Aizle tooth Term description


Name Albany herald Term description

Royal messenger, later member of Lyon Court

Name ALD Term description

A Lawful Daughter

Name Ale seller Term description

One who sells ale and beer to the public for consumption at home