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Name Term description
Name P-N C of M Term description

Post-Nuptial Contract of Marriage

Name Pairts and pertinents Term description

The parts and pertinents are what a piece of land was always granted with; they implied everything connected with the land granted, whether named or not, and could be considerable.

Name Petitioner Term description

Someone who brings an action before a court.

Name Plenishings Term description

In general, furniture and other household moveable goods; 'outsight plenishings' were those kept out of doors.

Name Procurator Term description

In the context of testaments, the solicitor with responsibility for the fiscal or treasury.

Name Proport Term description

Purport, convey

Name Propriis minibus Term description

Literally, with his or her own hand [Latin].

Name Pupil Term description

A child younger than 12 if female or 14 if male; one older than that (but still not 21) was a minor. Pupils might have their affairs administered by a tutor.