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Name Term description
Name Nag/naggis Term description

Horse/horses. For more information, see our guide to agricultural produce and livestock.

Name Natural Term description

Illegitimate, born out of wedlock

Name Natural daughter/son Term description

Illegitimate daughter/son

Name Nervous prostration Term description

Complete exhaustion

Name Nobmaker Term description

? Maker of knobs on the top of walking-sticks etc, or the maker of the hardened tips of shoes

Name Nolt-driver Term description

Cattle drover

Name Noltherd/nolthird Term description

One who tends to herd of animals

Name Notar/notary Term description

Notary public: a lawyer or official charged with authenticating documents and transactions

Name Notary public/noter-public/notar-public Term description

Lawyer charged with authenticating documents and transactions

Name Noter-public Term description

Notary, notary public

Name NP Term description

Notary Public

Name Nurseryman Term description

One who works in a plant nursery