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Name Term description
Name D Term description


Name D D Term description

Doctor of Divinity

Name D&S Term description

Disposition and Settlement

Name D., dau., daur. Term description


Name Dagmaker Term description

Mitten maker (usually for fishermen)

Name Damasker Term description

One who works with damask cloth

Name Dame Term description

Title of lady, usually married or widowed

Name Dancing-master Term description

One who teaches dancing

Name Davach Term description

A measurement of land, amounting to about four ploughgates.

Name Day labourer/day-labourer Term description

Worker paid by the day

Name Deacon Term description

Chief official of craft or trade

Name Deacon convener of trades Term description

Chief official of craft or trade

Name Deacon convener/deacon-convener Term description

Chief official of craft or trade

Name Deacon warner Term description

A deacon was the chief official of a craft or trade, or a lay official in the church; a warner was an official who summoned a congregation to church, or members of a court or council to a meeting

Name Dean Term description

Chief official of craft or trade, head of a university faculty, leader of body of lawyers

Name Dean of guild Term description

Chief official of craft or trade

Name Dec. Term description


Name Decay Term description

Pulmonary tuberculosis

Name Decree or decreet Term description

The final judgement or sentence of a court.

Name Decreet of cognitionis causa Term description

The pronouncement of a court ascertaining the amount of a debt to be paid out of the deceaseds estate by the heirs to a creditor; upon obtaining this, the creditor may be confirmed as executor of the estate.

Name Deed Term description

In the most usual Scottish sense, a formal written document in a set form which gives the terms of an agreement, contract or obligation; for practical purposes, any document which isn't a sasine or concerned with the transfer of heritable property.

Name Deed of S Term description

Deed of Settlement

Name Deen, to be Term description

Close to death

Name Defluxion Term description

Running discharge

Name Defunct Term description

The deceased person