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Name Term description
Name Cod. Term description


Name Caution, cautioner Term description

Security; bail; one who stands surety for another.

Name Cess Term description

Land tax

Name Cessioner Term description

A person to whom a cession of property is made.

Name Cessio bonorum Term description

Surrender of debtor's goods in favour of his creditors.

Name Circuit court Term description

An itinerant court which travels round the country trying criminal cases (in Scotland, this applies to the High Court of Justiciary).

Name Codicil Term description

A writing by which a person bequeathes legacies out of his moveable estate and which does not contain the nomination of an executor; usually executed in reference to a previous testament, or it may be a writing which alters the terms of a settlement to take account of circumstances which have changed since the original deed was drawn up.

Name Cognition and sasine Term description

The process by which an heir is accepted into property in a burgh.

Name Commissariot Term description

The office, jurisdiction or court of a commissar(y); the district included in such jurisdiction.

Name Compear Term description

Present oneself or appear, usually before a court.

Name Compt Term description


Name Conjunctlie and severally Term description

An obligation or empowerment to two or more people to do something, either acting singly or in consort.

Name Curator Term description

A person who is appointed to act for someone else who cannot manage his own affairs, usually someone who administers the estate of a minor.