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Name Term description
Name Boatbuilder Term description

One who makes boats

Name Boatman Term description

One who works in a boat

Name Boatswain Term description

Ship's officer in charge of the crew

Name Boatswain-yeaman Term description

Ship's officer in charge of the crew

Name Bobbin turner Term description

A person who makes bobbins or spools out of wood for the textile industry

Name Boich Term description

To cough with difficulty

Name Boll Term description

The basic unit of dry capacity, which varied from place to place and depending on what was being measured. When applied to grain, it was equal to 4 firlots or around 3 imperial bushels. For more information, see our guide on weights and measures.

Name Bombardier Term description

A non-commissioned officer in some artillery regiments

Name Bonat-maker/bonatmaker/bonnat-maker/bonnetmaker Term description

One who makes ladies' headwear

Name Bone shave Term description

Sciatica; neuralgia femoropoplites.

Name Bone-setter Term description


Name Bonnet laird Term description

A small landowner (wore a bonnet, not the hat of the gentry).

Name Boocher Term description

Uncontrolled cough

Name Bookbinder Term description

One who makes covers and applies them to books

Name Bookmaker Term description

One who arranges betting for others

Name Books of Council and Session Term description

Another title for the Register of Deeds and Probative Writs in which, according to the directions they contain, deeds were registered for preservation and execution, or for preservation only.

Name Bookseller Term description

One who sells books to the public

Name Boot laster Term description

A person who fits the parts of boots/shoes to a last (model of foot on which they are made or repaired)

Name Boot sprigger Term description

A person who nails boots together with sprigs, small headless or almost headless nails

Name Bottle-maker Term description

One who makes bottles

Name Bow-maker Term description

Bowyer (archery)

Name Bowar/bower Term description

Bowyer, bow-maker (archery)

Name Bowden Term description


Name Bowel hive Term description

Enteritis, particularly in children

Name Bowet-maker Term description

Bowyer (archery)