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Name Term description
Name Bad blood Term description


Name Berylliosis Term description

A pulmonary disease cused by inhaling particles of beryllium, which was used in the manufacture of watch springs and lamps.

Name Bilious fever Term description

Fever that was accompanied by vomiting or diarrhoea (e.g. typhoid, malaria or hepatitis).

Name Bilious Term description

A term denoting an excess of bile and associated with disorders in the liver or gallbladder.

Name Black plague Term description

Bubonic plague; the Black Death.

Name Black fever Term description

An acute infection accompanied by a high temperature, dark red skin lesions and a high mortality rate (could refer to cerebrospinal meningitis).

Name Black vomit Term description

The vomiting of black blood as a result of stomach ulcers (also a symptom of yellow fever).

Name Blackwater fever Term description

A severe complication of malaria characterised by the passing of dark urine as a result of kidney damage.

Name Bladder in throat Term description


Name Bloody sweat Term description

Sweating sickness, typically accompanied by a discharge of blood.

Name Bone shave Term description

Sciatica; neuralgia femoropoplites.

Name Brain fever Term description

Cerebral meningitis or any other form of cerebral fever.

Name Breakbone Term description

Dengue; an infectious disease endemic in tropical and subtropical regions, transmitted by mosquitoes and characterised by a rash, an aching head and joint pain.

Name Bright’s disease Term description

Kidney disease characterised by the presence of albumin in the urine.

Name Bule Term description

Boils, tumours or swellings.

Name Back draucht Term description

The distinctive gasping sound made by whooping cough sufferers.

Name Backgang Term description


Name Backjar Term description

A relapse or setback

Name Beal Term description


Name Bellythraw Term description


Name Bever Term description

A feverish tremble

Name Black spit Term description

Pneumoconiosis; a lung disease caused by the inhalation of coal dust.

Name Blae Term description


Name Blast Term description

A sudden illness

Name Blintrin Term description