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Name Term description
Name D&S Term description

Disposition and Settlement

Name Deed of S Term description

Deed of Settlement

Name Decree or decreet Term description

The final judgement or sentence of a court.

Name Decreet of cognitionis causa Term description

The pronouncement of a court ascertaining the amount of a debt to be paid out of the deceaseds estate by the heirs to a creditor; upon obtaining this, the creditor may be confirmed as executor of the estate.

Name Deed Term description

In the most usual Scottish sense, a formal written document in a set form which gives the terms of an agreement, contract or obligation; for practical purposes, any document which isn't a sasine or concerned with the transfer of heritable property.

Name Defunct Term description

The deceased person

Name Deponent Term description

Someone who makes a deposition before a court.

Name Deposition Term description

The testimony of a witness put down in writing.

Name Diligence Term description

The application of legal means against a person, especially for the recovery of debt; a warrant issues by a court to enforce the appearance of witnesses or the production of writings.

Name Domicills Term description

Household goods

Name Donator Term description

The receiver of a donation, usually where the rightful succession has failed.

Name Dsp Term description

Decessit sine prole, died without issue

Name D Term description