You can search our indexes free of charge and use pay-per-view to view and download digital images of the records you find. The indexes cover birth, death and marriage registers, census returns, church registers, valuation rolls and legal records (like wills and testaments and coats of arms).

Credits cost £0.25 each and are available in batches of 30 (£7.50) or 40 (£10) from the buy credits page.

The number of credits and costs of digital images for the different record types are as follows:

  • Statutory registers of births (older than 100 years), marriages (older than 75 years) and deaths (older than 50 years) cost 6 credits (£1.50)
  • Census returns and church registers of births and baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials and other events cost 6 credits (£1.50)
  • Valuation rolls cost 2 credits (£0.50)
  • Wills and testaments (including soldiers' and airmen's wills) cost 10 credits (£2.50) - this is the cost of the entire document, which is usually two or three pages, but can be more than 100 pages long
  • Military Service Appeals Tribunal records cost 20 credits (£5.00) - this is the cost of the entire document which is usually about three or four pages long but can be much longer.
  • Coats of Arms (entries from the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland) costs 40 credits (£10.00)
  • High quality TIFF images from the Image Library cost £15.00 each (excluding VAT). Payment can be made by Worldpay, cheque, invoice, credit card or cash.

All credits are valid for two years and will expire at the end of two years unless further credits are purchased in that time.

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To order official certificates of statutory birth, death, marriage, divorce, civil partnership and dissolutions of a civil partnership records go to certificate search. A credit or debit card is required for this service. Fees for certificates and the costs of different postage options are shown on the ordering certificates page.

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Redeeming vouchers

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To redeem a ScotlandsPeople voucher please visit our redeem vouchers page.

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Visiting ScotlandsPeople Centre

To book a search room seat at the ScotlandsPeople Centre in Edinburgh costs £15 per day. You can view as many records as you like for no additional charge. Printing copies of historical records costs 1 credit (£0.25) per page and the same pay-per-view charges, 6 credits (£1.50), apply if you wish to save an historical record to your account. Credits are available for purchase in batches of 8 (£2.00) in the Centre.

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