Letter t

The Secretary Hand t is very similar to the Secretary Hand c. In its most basic form it consists of a vertical stroke and a horizontal stroke.

The difference between c and the t is that the vertical stroke is taller in the t, and the c often (but not always) has a slightly curved vertical stroke, as you can see in the words conventicle and article below:

article conventicle

Note that the horizontal stroke does not pass right through the letter, as it does today, but begins on the vertical stroke, although this is not always the case. There is a tendency for the top of the vertical stroke to curl to the right, but not always as elaborately as in the example below:


Look out for ligatures with preceding letters, such as the st ligature below and the ft ligature, shown in the word after:

st ft

The double t can look like a modern capital H, as you can see in the word plaitt below: