Letter q

The letter q is mostly recognisable to the modern eye, though it is often confused with g (see Secretary Hand g for advice on identifying g).

two forms of the letter q

The q tends to have a rounded chamber and the descender often loops around to join onto the next letter. This sort of q can be found anywhere in a word. The second form shown above tends to be found more often at the beginning of a word. Its chamber has the angular look of an a (compare with letter a).

If you are unsure what letter you're looking at and you think it's a q, look at the letters around it. Remember that in Scots, as in English, a q has to be followed by a u and frequently the u is then followed by an h so you have the letter trio quh such as in quhat, quhair, quhan, quhite (what, where, when, white). Below is the word quhat, the Scots for what.

quhat the Scots for what