Church registers

Churches have kept registers of baptisms (or births), marriages, burials (or deaths) and other events (such as people moving from one parish to another) for centuries. On this site you can search registers kept by the Church of Scotland, the Roman Catholic church and other churches.

Background to church registers

How to search church registers

Understanding the contents of church registers

Church register images

Which parishes and congregations have registers in the index

Background to church registers

Most churches keep registers of baptisms, marriages and burials and some keep registers of other events relating to people. On the Scotlandspeople site you can search the registers of the Church of Scotland, the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland and some other Presbyterian churches.

Old Parish Registers (Church of Scotland)

The Old Parish Registers (OPRs) comprise the records of births and baptisms, banns and marriages and deaths and burials kept by individual parishes of the Established Church (Church of Scotland) before the introduction of civil registration in 1855.

The parish minister or the session clerk usually assumed responsibility for maintaining the registers, but since there was no standard format employed, record keeping varied enormously from parish to parish and also from year to year. As a result, the information may be sparse, unreliable and difficult to read. The oldest register dates from 1553 (baptisms and banns from Errol, Perthshire), but although there was a requirement from 1552 that parishes record baptisms and marriages, many did not commence until much later, and some more remote areas only have registers from the early 19th century. Some registers have been lost or destroyed and the condition of the surviving 3500 is variable. The National Records of Scotland holds the surviving original registers.

Registration in the Church of Scotland's registers was costly and unpopular, so many people did not bother to register events at all. Although details of some non-conformists can be found in Established Church registers, many members of other religious denominations chose to have events registered in their own churches. In addition, rapid urbanisation during the 19th century contributed to the diminishing influence of the Church and a decrease in registration in these areas. It was estimated at the time that as few as 30% of events actually occurring were being recorded for some urban parishes.

Civil registration started in 1855. However in a small number of districts the local registrar was not in place at the very beginning and therefore there are a small number of events that are recorded in Old Parish Registers but are not featured in our statutory records.

Roman Catholic parish registers

Roman Catholic parish registers comprise records of

  • births and baptisms
  • marriages
  • confirmations
  • deaths and burials
  • communicants
  • sick calls
  • status animarum
  • converts
  • first confessions
  • seat rents

The records cover all Scottish parishes in existence by 1855 – before the introduction of civil registration; the records of Glasgow's Catholic cemetery; and the records of the RC Bishopric of the Forces, which records all sacramental events for British service men and women serving in the armed forces worldwide.

Under the provisions of Church Law, all faithful are to have sacramental information recorded in the registers of the parish. Record format and content varied over time, with the responsibility for the information gathered being placed with the parish priest - since there was no standard format prescribed, record keeping varied enormously from parish to parish and also from year to year.

As a result, the information may be sparse, unreliable and difficult to read. Approximately 700 registers have survived, the earliest dating from 1703, but most records only begin in the 30 years following the relaxation of legislation against Catholics in the 1790s up to the Roman Catholic Relief Act of 1829 when it was permitted to be a member of a Catholic church.

Bear in mind that the Church of Scotland parishes did not cover the same areas as Roman Catholic parishes and the parishes of other churches.

For further information about the content of these records see the National Records of Scotland's guide on Catholic parish registers.

Other church registers

As well as the Church of Scotland, other Presbyterian churches in Scotland kept registers of baptisms, marriages and burials from 1716 onwards. These other church registers are in the course of being added to the ScotlandsPeople site. The churches concerned were Presbyterian churches that were originally outside the Church of Scotland (or left the Church of Scotland) but joined (or re-joined) the Church of Scotland at various points. These churches were as follows:

  • The Reformed Presbyterian Church
  • The Original Secession (or First Secession) Church
  • The Associate Synods (Burghers and Antiburghers, and the Auld Licht Burghers, New Licht Burghers, Auld Licht Antiburghers and New Licht Antiburghers)
  • The Relief Church
  • The United Secession Church
  • The United Presbyterian Church
  • The Free Church

Bear in mind that the other churches did not have the same parish structure as the Church of Scotland.

How to search church registers

The church register search allows you to search for baptisms (or births, marriages (or banns), burials (or deaths) and other events (like confirmations, sick calls and confessions in the Roman Catholic church).

Choose which of the type of register you are searching from these four, then select a church (from Church of Scotland, Roman Catholic Church and other churches).

Each church had a different structure of parishes and congregations, so it is not possible to search across all three churches for one parish. When you select a church, the drop-down list of counties and parishes/congregations will load on the search page and if you choose another church, it will take a second or two for the list of parishes/congregations for that church to load on the search page.

Once you have carried out a search for one church, you can select another church in the filter on the results page and repeat the search for that church.

As with other records, you might get the best results by doing a wide search first then narrowing down. So, for example, entering a forename and surname and county but not specifying a parish.

Expect inconsistent record keeping, so please make use the search options to vary your search and pick up inconsistent name spelling and cases where the clerk has left a surname or forename blank.

If you are certain an event was recorded in a particular parish but none of the search options work, try leaving the forename or surname field blank and selecting the parish/congregation and the year. That way you should be able to view all the baptisms, marriages, burials or other events for that parish/congregation that year and can sort by forename and surname.

Of all the events recorded in church registers, those of deaths and burials are acknowledged to be the most sparsely kept. Since there was no requirement to record these, a great many parishes simply did not bother and of those that did, many have not survived. Often the only record that a death has taken place will be implied in the payment of a fee to the parish for the hire of the mortcloth or pall which was draped over the coffin or the body itself for the funeral.

Understanding the contents of church registers


Church registers of baptisms may record the date of birth or the date of baptism or both. There is no indication given in the index as to whether the entry is a birth or a baptism, but it is more usual for the index entry to show the baptism date. The amount of information recorded can be variable and most entries contain very little detail. At best: name of the child, date of birth and/or date of baptism, father's name, mother's name and maiden surname, place or parish of residence, occupation of the father and names (and sometimes occupations) of witnesses. Very occasionally the witnesses' relationships to the child may be recorded. At worst: the mother's name is not recorded at all between certain years or that the entry does not record the sex of the child and the name is ambiguous. Roman Catholic baptism registers sometimes include the father's occupation and the name of the priest.

Registers of Neglected Entries compiled for each parish by the Registrar-General after statutory registration began in 1855, contain a small number of birth entries proved to have occurred between 1801 and 1854, but not entered into the parish registers. These are indexed in a similar format to other Old Parish Register entries.

Whilst some registers record all of the information above, others record minimal details such as the names of the child and parents and a baptismal date. The information also varies from parish to parish and indeed over time within each parish. There was no standard format for registers, and they can consist of small notebooks, larger unformatted ledgers or pre-printed registers.

Please note, the birth/baptismal indexes include burial records of children who were not baptised. These were included in the original indexes by the Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS). In the case of a stillborn child or one who has not lived long, there is usually no name given at all, for example "a male child", although there may be reference to a parent, for example "a child of David Murray". Occasionally other information is included, for example "a child of John Murray in Hilton, unbaptized"

You can use the information that you find on an birth or baptism entry to further your search in several ways:

  • The parents' names (if both are recorded) will help pinpoint a marriage.
  • Record any information on witnesses and their family connection (if any), since these can be invaluable in determining the correct line.
  • Use the location of the birth or baptism to track the family through the earlier census records.
  • Bear in mind that it was quite common for families, in an era of high infant mortality, to name a subsequent child after a dead sibling, so check that you have the correct child's entry.

Banns and marriages

The proclamation of banns was the notice of contract of marriage, read out in the church before the marriage took place. Couples or their 'cautioners' (sponsors) were often required to pay a 'caution' (pronounced 'kay-shun') or security to prove the seriousness of their intentions. Forthcoming marriages were supposed to be proclaimed on three successive Sundays, however, in practice, all three proclamations could be made on the same day on payment of a fee. If the bride and groom lived in different parishes, the impending marriage was proclaimed in both parishes, although not necessarily on the same days, therefore the dates in each register may be different. You may also find that one register may show the proclamation date and the other the date of the marriage itself.

Do not expect too much from banns and marriages records. The amount of information recorded can be variable and most entries contain very little detail. At best you might find: date(s) of the proclamation of intended marriage and/or date of marriage, names of bride and groom and their parish of residence, sometimes the occupation of the groom and occasionally the name of the bride's father. At worst you should find the following: the names of the bride and groom recorded along with the fee paid in caution.

Registers of Neglected Entries compiled for each parish by the Registrar-General after statutory registration began in 1855, contain a small number of marriage entries proved to have occurred between 1801 and 1854, but not entered into the parish registers. These are indexed in a similar format to other OPR entries.

Bear in mind that 'irregular' marriages, by exchange of promises before witnesses, by betrothal and consummation, or by cohabitation and repute, were forms of marriage recognised by Scots Law, yet may have taken place without any official record of the event.

You can use the information from a banns or marriage entry to further your search in several ways:

  • the names of bride and groom, parish and name of bride's father (if recorded) can help narrow down the search for their births/baptisms.
  • the location of the marriage might help you to find the family in the earlier census records.

Burials and deaths

Parish registers of death and burial were very inconsistently kept.

  • Surviving registers may record the date of death or the date of burial or date of payment for hire of the mortcloth, but only one of these will appear in the index. There is no indication given in the index as to whether the entry alludes to a death or a burial or the mortcloth payment.
  • Some people were not buried in the parish in which they were living. In the Old Statistical Account for Aberdeen, the writer lamented the fact that the figures presented for burials in Old Machar were not accurate because "many who die in this parish are buried in other parishes, but a far greater number are brought from other parishes and buried here. This is owing partly to their forefathers having lived, died and been buried in this parish; and partly to the burial lairs being much cheaper here". (Volume 19 Pages 176/7)
  • Some people did not use the parish mortcloth for burial. Prosperous and important families may have had their own family mortcloth, some trades paid into charitable funds with their own mortcloth. In parishes where mortcloth dues are the only evidence of burial, such cases might have gone unrecorded. Sometimes there was no charge for use of the parish mortcloth, particularly if the family were poor.

Do not expect too much from parish registers of death and burial. The amount of information recorded can be variable and most entries contain very little detail. More often than not you will find only the name of the person who has died, with a date, and sometimes even just the surname. Such paucity of information can make it extremely difficult to pinpoint the correct person. In the case of a mortcloth hire, there is usually a record of the payment made. Some parishes had several mortcloths for hire, of varying quality, including a childs one and the fee will vary accordingly. Sometimes you will find extra information. Besides the name of the person who has died, the date of death and/or date of burial, you may find the name of a relative (for example spouse, father), the place or parish of residence, and sometimes the occupation of the person/father/spouse. A few registers will give cause of death and some age at death. There may be more detail recorded on the death/burial of important and well-to-do members of the parish.

Deaths/burials of married women can be referred to in various ways:

  • by their married name, which is unusual in Scottish records outside the census
  • by their maiden name, for example "Mary Murray, wife of Thos Low, Alyth"
  • merely as Mrs with no first name given for example "Mrs Easton", or as Mrs using the husband's name for example "Mrs William Hackney"
  • simply as someone's wife for example "James Murray's wife"
  • as a widow with no first name given for example "Widow Graham", or "Relict of Samuel Thom, surgeon in Canongate" or with extra information for example "Isabel Reid, widow of the late James Wilkie, Alyth"

In the case of a stillborn child or one who has not lived long, there is usually no name given at all, for example "a male child", although there may be reference to a parent, for example "a child of David Murray". Occasionally other information is included, for example "a child of John Murray in Hilton, unbaptized"

Other events

The Roman Catholic registers contain records other than baptisms, marriages and burials. On the ScotlandsPeople site these are collectively referred to as registers of other events. An explanation of these and the event codes that apply to them appear below.

Communicants and Converts (event code U & I)

List of parishioners under the care of a local priest were often compiled during the course of a year so that the priest would know who was Catholic. Communicant lists often simply list the name of the individual in a parish and a particular date. Often names can be found grouped together in families and can be a useful (but basic) census substitute.

Confessions (event code E)

A small number of registers of confessions have survived. These do not include details of the confessions themselves, but record that an individual went to confession before receiving Holy Communion. They generally record the name of the individual, a parish and a date.

Confirmation (event code I)

The sacrament of confirmation is generally performed when an individual is a child. In some periods, confirmation may have taken place as young as seven years old, in others as old as 12 years old. Confirmation records provide the name of the child, a confirmation (saints name) taken by the child, and occasionally further family details. These are useful for estimating the age of a child in lieu of any surviving baptismal records. Converts – event code V In some cases, converts were recorded in baptismal records; but a number of convert registers have survived. With the majority of converts generally being in adulthood, there is limited information regarding parentage and families.

Seat Rents (event code R)

A number of churches in the nineteenth century reserved pews for parishioners in return for payment of a fee. These are very useful in confirming the residence of ancestors in a particular parish and also in identifying where your ancestors sat in the chapel.

Sick calls (event code S)

Two registers of sick calls survive. These record the visitations of a priest to a sick person. It could provide an indication of a death following on from the visit (although the parishioner might well have recovered!).

Status Animarum (event code A)

This type of record is a 'state of the souls' – an enumeration of all Catholics within a particular area at a particular time. These records should have been diligently and regularly kept, but their survival is somewhat irregular. In a basic record you should find the name of an individual and a place; other records are more detailed with addresses given, family groups shown, and in a small number of cases ages and places of birth. These are valuable census substitutes.

Abbreviations and unusual words and phrases

Some Roman Catholic registers are in Latin. Translating the information given is not very difficult, and you might find a Latin dictionary or glossary will be useful.

The way registers of baptisms, marriages, burials and other events were recorded can be very idiosyncratic, especially regarding abbreviations used by individual clerks. It is not possible to explain all the content of registers conclusively, but you can find some help with abbreviations and unusual words and phrases in our glossary.

Church register images

Old Parish Register images are black and white images derived from microfilm and stored in a JPEG format. Roman Catholic register images and other church registers images are stored in a colour jpeg format and are mostly derived from the original records.

Which parishes and congregations have registers in the index

Church of Scotland parishes

You can see a list of old parish registers on the National Records of Scotland site. Bear in mind that the Church of Scotland parishes did not cover the same areas as Roman Catholic parishes and the parishes of other churches.

Roman Catholic parishes and congregations

Registers for the following Roman Catholic parishes and congregations are indexed on the ScotlandsPeople site:

  • MP/1 Airdrie, St Margaret's 1842-1977
  • MP/2 Carluke, St Athanasius' 1849-1936
  • MP/3 Coatbridge, St Patrick's 1847-1952
  • MP/4 Hamilton, St Mary's 1841-1906
  • MP/5 Rutherglen, St Columbkille's 1848-1945
  • MP/6 Greenock, St Mary's 1808-1946
  • MP/7 Houston, St Fillan's 1868-1944
  • MP/8 Paisley, St Mirin's 1808-1934
  • MP/9 Port Glasgow, St John's 1846-1939
  • MP/10 Aberdeen, St Mary's with St Peter's 1782-1957
  • MP/11 Ballater, St Nathalan 1769-2002
  • MP/12 Ballogie, St Michael's 1833-1876
  • MP/13 Beauly, St Mary's 1851-1885
  • MP/14 Blairs, St Mary's with Scalan 1789-1953
  • MP/15 Braemar, St Andrew's 1608-1992
  • MP/16 Buckie, St Peter's 1786-1994
  • MP/17 Chapeltown, Our Lady of Perpetual Succour 1813-2006
  • MP/18 Dornie, St Duthac 1844-1966
  • MP/19 Dufftown, Our Lady of the Assumption 1861-1929
  • MP/20 Elgin, St Sylvester's 1840-1918
  • MP/21 Eskadale, St Mary's 1793-1958
  • MP/22 Fetternear, Our Lady of the Garioch and St. John the Evangelist 1850-1920
  • MP/23 Fochabers, St Mary's 1787-1970
  • MP/24 Fort Augustus, St Peter and St Benedict 1842-1894
  • MP/25 Huntly, St Margaret's 1741-1913
  • MP/26 Inverness, St Mary's 1832-1916
  • MP/27 Keith, St Thomas' 1836-1897
  • MP/29 Peterhead, St Mary's 1847-1941
  • MP/30 Portsoy, The Annunciation 1805-1933
  • MP/31 Preshome, St Gregory's 1787-2005
  • MP/32 Glenmoriston and Stratherrick, The Immaculate Conception 1854-1966
  • MP/33 Strichen 1834-1957
  • MP/34 Tombae, The Incarnation 1812-2007
  • MP/35 Tomintoul, Our Lady and St Michael's 1783-2007
  • MP/36 Tynet, St Ninian's 1808-1925
  • MP/37 Blairgowrie, St Stephen's 1849-1885
  • MP/38 Crieff, St Fillan's 1852-1943
  • MP/39 Dundee, St Andrew's 1795-1915
  • MP/40 Murthly Castle, Chapel 1845-1861
  • MP/41 Perth, St John the Baptist 1831-1950
  • MP/42 Banff, Our Lady of Mount Carmel 1845-1918
  • MP/43 Ardkenneth, St Michael's 1829-1904
  • MP/44 Arisaig, St Mary's 1837-1996
  • MP/45 Bornish, St Mary's 1820-1868
  • MP/46 Drimnin, St Columba's 1846-1886
  • MP/47 Fort William, The Immaculate Conception 1820-1890
  • MP/48 Mingarry, Our Lady of the Angels [1769]-1952
  • MP/49 Rothesay, St Andrew's 1849-1880
  • MP/50 Craigston, Barra, St Brendan's 1805-1944
  • MP/51 Ayr, St Margaret's 1822-1857
  • MP/52 Dalbeattie, St Peter's 1786-1991
  • MP/53 Dalry, St Palladius' 1848-2006
  • MP/54 Dumfries, St Andrew's 1815-1972
  • MP/55 Girvan, The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary 1850-1938
  • MP/56 Kilmarnock, St Joseph's 1844-1937
  • MP/57 Kirkconnel, St Conal 1730-1993
  • MP/58 Munches, Domestic Chapel 1745-1815
  • MP/59 Newton Stewart, Our Lady and St Ninian 1825-1915
  • MP/60 Saltcoats, St Mary's 1853-1942
  • MP/61 Stranraer, St Joseph's 1846-1971
  • MP/62 Glasgow, St Andrew's 1795-1869
  • MP/63 Duntocher, St Mary's 1841-1967
  • MP/64 Glasgow, St Alphonsus' 1847-1884
  • MP/65 Glasgow, St Joseph's 1850-1920
  • MP/66 Glasgow, St Mary's 1842-1856
  • MP/67 Glasgow, St Mungo's 1851-1878
  • MP/68 Glasgow, St Patrick's 1850-1886
  • MP/69 Glasgow, Immaculate Conception 1849-1921
  • MP/70 Glasgow, St Mary Immaculate 1849-1927
  • MP/71 Dumbarton, St Patrick's 1830-1889
  • MP/72 Glasgow, St Aloysius' 1854-1995
  • MP/73 Barrhead, St John's 1841-1961
  • MP/74 Edinburgh, St Mary's Cathedral 1777-1968
  • MP/75 Roybridge, St Margaret's 1818-1976
  • MP/76 Dalkeith, St David's 1854-1913
  • MP/77 Falkirk, St Francis Xavier's 1843-1858
  • MP/78 Galashiels, Our Lady and St Andrew 1852-1976
  • MP/79 Hawick, SS Mary and David 1793-1939
  • MP/80 Lennoxtown, St Machan's 1831-1925
  • MP/81 Peebles, St Joseph's 1850-1920
  • MP/82 Stirling, St Mary's 1829-1962
  • MP/83 Dunfermline, St Margaret's 1846-1858
  • MP/84 Kirkcaldy, Our Lady of Perpetual Succour 1846-1895
  • MP/85 Edinburgh, St Mary's Leith 1847-1867
  • MP/86 Haddington, St Mary's 1853-1881
  • MP/87 Edinburgh, St Patrick's 1850-1988
  • MP/88 Ayrshire 1845-1862
  • MP/89 Edinburgh, St John's Portobello 1844-1872
  • MP/90 Arbroath, St Thomas' 1840-1956
  • MP/91 Wick, St Joachim 1857-1874
  • MP/92 Glasgow, St John's 1846-1885
  • MP/93 Morar, Our Lady of Perpetual Succour 1832-1903
  • MP/94 Linlithgow, St Michael's 1851-1857
  • MP/95 Bathgate, The Immaculate Conception 1860-1962
  • MP/96 Glasgow, St Paul's 1851-1886
  • MP/97 Bellie 1785-1789 MP/98 New Abbey, St Mary's 1889-2007
  • MP/99 Kelso, The Immaculate Conception 1855-1928
  • MP/100 Highvalleyfield, St Serf's 1913-1960
  • MP/101 Kirkwall, Our Lady and St Joseph's 1860-1961
  • MP/102 Lochore, St Kenneth's 1902-1991
  • MP/103 Lochgelly, St Patrick's 1866-1952
  • MP/104 Hurlford, St Paul's 1883-1988
  • MP/105 Galston, St Sophia's 1883-1994
  • MP/106 Annan, St Columba's 1877-2003
  • MP/107 Aboyne, St Margaret's 1876-1928
  • MP/107 Aboyne, St Margaret's 1918-1925
  • MP/108 Dundee, St Mary's [Lochee] 1847-1940
  • MP/109 Dundee, St Mary, Our Lady of Victories 1854-1867
  • MP/110 Tranent, St Martin of Tours 1888-1992
  • MP/111 Oban, St Columba's 1846-1975
  • MP/112 Coatbridge, St Augustine's 1892-1952
  • MP/113 Mull and District 1880-1976
  • MP/114 Glenfinnan, Saints Mary and Finnan 1870-1980
  • MP/115 Eigg, St Donnan 1843-1982
  • MP/116 Aberlour, The Sacred Heart 1917-1968


  • DE/MV/ Edinburgh, Mount Vernon Cemetery 1895-1958
  • COD/ Glasgow, Old Dalbeth Cemetery 1851-1958
  • CSP/ Glasgow, St Peter’s, Dalbeth Cemetery 1863-1958

Bishopric of the Forces

  • BF/1/1/1 Alexandria, Chaplaincy of English Forces 1899-1910
  • BF/1/1/2 Cairo, Military Vicariate 1896-1945
  • BF/1/1/3 Malta, Military Vicariate 1904-1927
  • BF/1/2 Baptismal Registers
  • BF/1/2/1 Aldershot, General Registry
  • BF/1/2/2 Aldershot, Saints Michael and Sebastian 1855-1969
  • BF/1/2/3 Aldershot, St Patrick's 1863-1971
  • BF/1/2/4 Catterick, St Joan of Arc 1926-1974
  • BF/1/2/5 Bordon with Longmoor, Sacred Heart 1905-1988
  • BF/1/2/6 Shrivenham, St Mary's [or St Patrick's] 1940-2004
  • BF/1/2/7 Shorncliff, Archangel Michael 1857-1968
  • BF/1/2/8 Deepcut and Blackdown 1906-1969
  • BF/1/2/9 Larkhill, St Anthony of Padua 1931-1971
  • BF/1/2/10 Netley, St Joseph's 1864-1971
  • BF/1/2/11 Tidworth, Saints Patrick and George 1911-1942
  • BF/1/2/12 Bulford, Southern Command 1909-1956
  • BF/1/2/13 Thorney Island [R.A.F.] 1943-1954
  • BF/1/2/14 Cardington [R.A.F.] 1940-1947
  • BF/1/2/15 Glamorganshire, St Athan's [R.A.F.] 1941-1950
  • BF/1/2/16 Henlow, St Michael's [R.A.F.] 1932-1943
  • BF/1/2/17 Halton [R.A.F.] 1919-1953
  • BF/1/2/18 Cranwell, St Peter's [R.A.F.] 1919-1940
  • BF/1/2/19 Portsmouth, St Camille's [R.N.] 1909-1950
  • BF/1/2/20 Chatham [R.N. Barracks] 1919-1983
  • BF/1/2/21 Malta 1915-1969
  • BF/1/2/22 Egypt, Cairo 1904-1955
  • BF/1/2/23 Calafrana 1925-1961
  • BF/1/2/24 F.E.A.L.F., Singapore 1947-1955
  • BF/1/3 Confirmation Registers 1867-2003
  • BF/1/3/1 Aldershot, St Michael and St Sebastian 1867-1959
  • BF/1/3/2 Aldershot, St Ludovics 1871-1911
  • BF/1/3/3 Catterick, Saints Joseph and Joan of Arc 1928-1971
  • BF/1/3/4 Shorncliffe, The Name of Jesus 1900-1959
  • BF/1/3/5 Tidworth, Saints Patrick and George 1912-1970
  • BF/1/3/6 Shrivenham, St Patrick 1953-2003
  • BF/1/3/7 Bulford, Our Lady of Victories 1960-1966
  • BF/1/3/8 Bordon, Sacred Heart 1952-1986
  • BF/1/3/9 High Wycombe, St Theresa 1972-1976
  • BF/1/3/10 Lossiemouth, Our Lady Star of the Sea 1958-1967
  • BF/1/3/11 Halton, Saints Mary and Joseph 1953-1965
  • BF/1/3/12 Northern Command [R.A.F.] 1954-1958 BF/1/3/13 Southern Area [R.A.F.] 1950-1958
  • BF/1/3/14 Malta 1925-1970
  • BF/1/3/15 Aden, Khormaksar 1959-1969
  • BF/1/3/16 Cyprus [R.A.F.] 1957-1969
  • BF/1/3/17 Germany, R.A.F. Command 1952-1973
  • BF/1/3/18 Singapore, Changi 1952-1970
  • BF/1/3/19 F.A.R.E.L.F. [Army] 1954-1975
  • BF/1/4 Marriage Registers 1836-1995
  • BF/1/4/1 Aldershot, General Registry 1897-1995
  • BF/1/4/2 Aldershot, Saints Michael and Sebastian 1836-1987
  • BF/1/4/3 Aldershot, St Patrick's 1861-1977
  • BF/1/4/4 Shornecliffe [Army] 1920-1975
  • BF/1/4/5 Tidworth, Saints George and Patrick 1911-1971
  • BF/1/4/6 Catterick, St Joan of Arc 1928-1974
  • BF/1/4/7 Scotland [R.A.F., Army, R.N.] 1942-1956
  • BF/1/4/8 Bordon, Sacred Heart 1925-1987
  • BF/1/4/9 Bullford, Blessed Virgin Mary and St Anthony of Padua 1925-1967
  • BF/1/4/10 Colchester, Christ the King 1960-1973
  • BF/1/4/11 Deepcut, St Oswald's 1934-1940
  • BF/1/4/12 Antrim, Lisburn, HQ Northern Ireland District 1954-1972
  • BF/1/4/13 R.A.F. Southern Area 1951-1961
  • BF/1/4/14 R.A.F. Stafford 1950-1971
  • BF/1/4/15 Royal Navy 1951-
  • BF/1/4/16 Gosport, Royal Naval Hospital Haslar 1968-1991
  • BF/1/4/17 Yatebury [R.A.F.] 1950-1962
  • BF/1/4/18 Germany [Army, R.N., R.A.F.] 1947-1972
  • BF/1/4/19 Austria, Graz 1946-1947
  • BF/1/4/20 Malta, Royal Navy 1947-1974
  • BF/1/4/21 Lebanon, North Levant 1943-1947
  • BF/1/4/22 Palestine [Army] 1947-1970
  • BF/1/4/23 Iraq, Habbanya 19941-1958
  • BF/1/4/24 M.E.L.F. [Army] 1924-1955
  • BF/1/4/25 M.E.A.F. [R.A.F.] 1946-1966
  • BF/1/4/26 F.A.R.E.L.F. [Army] 1946-1955
  • BF/1/4/27 F.E.A.F. [R.A.F.] 1944-1971
  • BF/1/4/28 Changi [R.A.F.] 1948-1970
  • BF/1/4/29 Mallaca [R.A.F., Army, R.N.] 1964-1969
  • BF/1/6 Reception Registers 1977-2007
  • BF/1/6/1 Aldershot, General Registry 1977-2007
  • BF/1/12 Cemetery
  • BF/1/12/1 Aldershot, North Camp Military Cemetery 1855-1882
  • BF/1/12/2 Aldershot, St Michael and St Sebastian 1860-1882
  • BF/1/12/3 Aldershot, South Camp Military Cemetery 1874-1958
  • BF/1/12/4 Aldershot, General Registry 1958-1997
  • BF/1/12/5 Tidworth, Military Cemetery 1920-1971
  • BF/1/12/6 Bordon, Military Cemetery 1914-1987
  • BF/1/12/7 Egypt, Moascar Camp 1925-1967
  • BF/1/12/8 Germany, RAF Command 1952-1969
  • BF/1/12/9 Far East, Far East Air Forces HQ 1952-1968
  • BF/1/12/10 Cyprus, RAF Akrotiri, Christ the King 1956-1967
  • BF/1/12/11 Uxbridge, Hillingdon Cemetery 1961-1963
  • BF/1/12/12 Middle East, Middle East Air Forces, Christ the King, Kasfareet with 1952-1971 Saints Mary and Joseph, Halton
  • BF/1/12/13 Harrogate, Northern Area 1953-1955

Other church congregations

A list of congregations whose registers are included in the index appears below, with aliases, reference codes in brackets, and the relevant county or city in each case.

  • Aberdeen - Bon Accord Free (CH3/874) ABERDEEN CITY
  • Aberdeen - Charlotte Street United Presbyterian (CH3/3) ABERDEEN CITY
  • Aberdeen - St Paul's Relief, Aberdeen - St Andrew's Street, Aberdeen - St Paul's United Presbyterian (CH3/927) ABERDEEN CITY
  • Aberfeldy Free (CH3/453) PERTH
  • Abernethy Associate (Antiburgher) Congregation, Abernethy United Presbyterian, Abernethy United Free South (CH3/687) PERTH
  • Airdrie - South Bridge Street, Airdrie - Second United Associate congregation, Airdrie - Graham Street, Airdrie - Relief, Airdrie - United Presbyterian (CH3/793) LANARK
  • Airdrie - Wellwynd Associate, Airdrie - Wellwynd United Presbyterian (CH3/992) LANARK
  • Alexandria United Associate, Alexandria United Presbyterian (CH3/1462) DUNBARTON
  • Alness Free (CH3/750) ROSS AND CROMARTY
  • Alyth Associate, Alyth United Presbyterian (CH3/15) PERTH
  • Arbroath - First United Associate North Grimsby, Arbroath - Princes Street United Presbyterian (CH3/964) ANGUS
  • Arbroath - Second United Associate, Arbroath - Erskine United Presbyterian (CH3/963) ANGUS
  • Ardeonaig Free (CH3/1243) PERTH
  • Ardrossan - St John's Free (CH3/761) AYR
  • Auchencairn Free (CH3/1199) KIRKCUDBRIGHT
  • Auchtergaven Associate (CH3/31) PERTH
  • Ayr - Cathcart Street, Ayr Relief, Ayr United Presbyterian (CH3/753) AYR
  • Ayr - Darlington Place, United Presbyterian, Ayr - Wallace Street (CH3/435) AYR
  • Ayton - Summerhill Associate, Ayton - Summerhill United Presbyterian (CH3/717) BERWICK
  • Balerno United Associate, Balerno United Presbyterian (CH3/345) MIDLOTHIAN
  • Balfron Associate Holm of Balfron, Balfron United Presbyterian (CH3/425) STIRLING
  • Balgedie United Presbyterian (CH3/37) KINROSS
  • Ballantrae Free (CH3/684) AYR
  • Banff Free, Banff High United Free (CH3/1303) BANFF
  • Barr Free (CH3/757) AYR
  • Bathgate Free (CH3/410) WEST LOTHIAN
  • Bathgate Relief Bathgate - West United Presbyterian Church (CH3/416) WEST LOTHIAN
  • Beith Free (CH3/1053) AYR
  • Bellshill Relief, Bellshill United Presbyterian (CH3/1037) LANARK
  • Biggar Associate (Burgher), Biggar Moat Park, Biggar United Free (CH3/1248) LANARK
  • Biggar Relief, Biggar - South United Presbyterian, Biggar - Gillespie, Biggar - Gillespie United Presbyterian (CH3/1249) LANARK
  • Blackford Free (CH3/442) PERTH
  • Boharm Free (CH3/1527) BANFF
  • Bothwell Free (CH3/476) LANARK
  • Bothwell United Presbyterian, Blantyre United Presbyterian Church (CH3/477) LANARK
  • Botriphnie Free, Botriphnie Free (East) (CH3/1528) BANFF
  • Bowden Free (CH3/834) ROXBURGH
  • Brechin Relief, Brechin - High Street and Bank Street United Presbyterian (CH3/439) ANGUS
  • Bridge of Allan United Presbyterian (CH3/652) STIRLING
  • Bridge of Teith Associate, Bridge of Teith United Presbyterian (CH3/48) PERTH
  • Broxburn Free (CH3/554) WEST LOTHIAN
  • Bruan Free (CH3/883) CAITHNESS
  • Burntshields Associate, Burntshields Free (CH3/456) RENFREW
  • Cairneyhill Associate, Cairneyhill United Presbyterian (CH3/340) FIFE
  • Campsie Relief, Campsie United Presbyterian (CH3/1041) STIRLING
  • Campsie West United Free, Campsie Relief, Campsie United Presbyterian (CH3/1041) STIRLING
  • Canisbay Free (CH3/894) CAITHNESS
  • Carluke Relief, Carluke United Presbyterian, Kirkton (CH3/459) LANARK
  • Carmyllie Free (CH3/492) ANGUS
  • Carnoustie - St Stephens Free (CH3/363) ANGUS
  • Chapel of Garioch Free (CH3/464) ABERDEEN
  • Chirnside Reformed Presbyterian, Chirnside United Free (CH3/336) BERWICK
  • Coatbridge - Dunbeth Relief, Coatbridge - Dunbeth United Presbyterian (CH3/524) LANARK
  • Coatbridge Free, Coatbridge - Middle Free (CH3/491) LANARK
  • Cockburnspath and Oldamstocks Free (CH3/58) BERWICK
  • Coldingham United Associate, Coldingham United Presbyterian (CH3/628) BERWICK
  • Comrie Associate, Comrie United Presbyterian (CH3/608) PERTH
  • Craigend Associate, Craigend United Presbyterian (CH3/415) PERTH
  • Crieff Associate, Crieff - North, Crieff - United Presbyterian (CH3/699) PERTH
  • Cromarty Free Church (CH3/586) CROMARTY
  • Culross Free (CH3/1397) FIFE
  • Dalbeattie - Colliston Free (CH3/404) KIRKCUDBRIGHT
  • Dalkeith - Buccleuch Street Associate, Dalkeith - Buccleuch Street United Presbyterian East (CH3/466) MIDLOTHIAN
  • Dalkeith Associate (CH3/68) MIDLOTHIAN
  • Dalkeith Free (CH3/379) MIDLOTHIAN
  • Dalkeith West United Presbyterian (CH3/380) MIDLOTHIAN
  • Dallas Free, Dallas United Free (CH3/1131) MORAY
  • Dalry Associate, Dalry - United Presbyterian (CH3/71) AYR
  • Dalry Free (CH3/1033) AYR
  • Denny Free (CH3/1551) STIRLING
  • Dennyloanhead Associate, Dennyloanhead United Presbyterian (CH3/704) STIRLING
  • Deskford Free (CH3/1645) BANFF
  • Dumfries - Buccleuch Street Associate, Dumfries - Buccleuch Street United Presbyterian (CH3/83) DUMFRIES
  • Dumfries - Loreburn Street Associate, Dumfries - Loreburn United Presbyterian (CH3/641) DUMFRIES
  • Dunbar Free - Belhaven Free (CH3/87) EAST LOTHIAN
  • Dunblane Associate, Dunblane United Presbyterian (CH3/90) PERTH
  • Dunbar East United Presbyterian (CH3/86) EAST LOTHIAN
  • Dunblane Free (CH3/1491) PERTH
  • Dunblane Leighton Associate, Dunblane United Presbyterian, Leighton United Free (CH3/90) PER
  • Dundee - Dudhope Free (CH3/570) DUNDEE CITY
  • Dundee - Hilltown Free (CH3/341) DUNDEE CITY
  • Dundee - Lochee United Associate (CH3/334) DUNDEE CITY
  • Dundee - Mariners Free (CH3/333) DUNDEE CITY
  • Dundee - St Andrew's Free (CH3/324) DUNDEE CITY
  • Dundee - St John's Free (CH3/348) DUNDEE CITY
  • Dunfermline Associate, Dunfermline Queen Anne Street United Presbyterian (CH3/568) FIFE
  • Dunfermline - St Margaret's United Free (CH3/1232) FIFE
  • Dunipace Free (CH3/97) STIRLING
  • Dunnet Free (CH3/913) CAITHNESS
  • Dunning United Presbyterian (CH3/766) PERTH
  • Dunscore Free (CH3/423) DUMFRIES
  • Duntocher Free (CH3/689) DUNBARTON
  • Durness Free (CH3/852) SUTHERLAND
  • Dysart Free (CH3/1481) FIFE
  • Earlston and Stichel Associate, Earlston East Associate, Earlston United Presbyterian (CH3/828) BERWICK
  • East Barns Associate, Dunbar East United Secession, Dunbar East United Presbyterian (CH3/107) EAST LOTHIAN
  • East Kilbride Relief, East Kilbride United Presbyterian, East Kilbride West United Free (CH3/1001) LANARK
  • Ecclefechan Associate, Ecclefechan United Presbyterian (CH3/108) DUMFRIES
  • Ecclefechan Free (CH3/109) DUMFRIES
  • Edderton Free (CH3/1395) ROSS AND CROMARTY
  • Edinburgh - Arthur Street Relief, Edinburgh - Arthur Street and Roxburgh Terrace, Edinburgh - Arthur Street and Roxburgh Terrace United Presbyterian (CH3/432) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - Bread Street United Presbyterian (CH3/112) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - Bristo Associate, Edinburgh Bristo United Presbyterian (CH3/313) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - Chalmers' Territorial Free, Edinburgh - West Port Free, Edinburgh Wester Portsburgh (CH3/1153) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - Corstorphine Free Church, Corstorphine United Free (CH3/514) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - Cowgate United Associate, Edinburgh - Infirmary Street United Presbyterian, Edinburgh - Mayfield Secession, Edinburgh - Mayfield United Presbyterian (CH3/1014) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - Dean Free (CH3/511) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - Holyrood Free (CH3/961) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - Lady Glenorchy's Free (CH3/723) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - Lothian Road United Associate, Edinburgh - Gardner's Crescent United Associate, Edinburgh - Lothian Road United Presbyterian (CH3/417) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - Martyrs' Reformed Presbyterian, Edinburgh - Martyrs' Free (CH3/1198) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - Nicholson Street Associate, Edinburgh - Nicolson Street United Presbyterian (CH3/617) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - Potterrow Associate, Edinburgh - Potterrow United Presbyterian (CH3/117) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - Potterrow Presbyterian, Hope Park (antiburgher) United Presbyterian (CH3/115) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - Rose Street Burgher, Edinburgh - Broughton Place United Associate, Edinburgh - Broughton Place United Presbyterian (CH3/564) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - Rose Street United Associate, Edinburgh - Rose Street United Presbyterian, Edinburgh - Palmerston Place (CH3/950) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - Second Associate (Antiburgher), Potterrow United Presbyterian Church (CH3/117) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - South College Street Relief, Edinburgh - South College Street United Presbyterian (CH3/433) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - St Columba's Gaelic Free (CH3/709) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - St George's Free (CH3/965) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - St James Place Relief, Edinburgh - James Place United Presbyterian (CH3/722) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edinburgh - St Luke's Free (CH3/782) EDINBURGH CITY
  • Edzell Free (CH3/543) ANGUS
  • Elgin - Moss Street Chapel of Ease United Presbyterian (CH3/1658) MORAY
  • Elsrickle Free, Ellsridgehill (CH3/124) LANARK
  • Enzie Free (CH3/314) BANFF
  • Erskine Free Bishopton (CH3/335) RENFREW
  • Eyemouth United Secession, Eyemouth United Presbyterian (CH3/1235) BERWICK
  • Fairlie Free (CH3/125) AYR
  • Falkirk West Relief, Falkirk West United Presbyterian (CH3/1459) STIRLING
  • Fearn Free (CH3/962) ROSS AND CROMARTY
  • Fenwick Associate, Fenwick United Presbyterian (CH3/1314) AYR
  • Forfar Free (CH3/1530) ANGUS
  • Forgue Free (CH3/1044) ABERDEEN
  • Galashiels Relief, Galashiels - West United Presbyterian (CH3/1257) SELKIRK
  • Gartly Free (CH3/1063) ABERDEEN
  • Gartmore Free (CH3/1244) PERTH
  • Glasgow - Anderston Relief, Glasgow - Anderston United Presbyterian (CH3/591) GLASGOW CITY
  • Glasgow - Caledonia Road United Presbyterian (CH3/399) GLASGOW CITY
  • Glasgow - Cambridge Street United Secession, Glasgow - Cambridge Street United Presbyterian (CH3/535) GLASGOW CITY
  • Glasgow - Eglinton Street United Secession, Glasgow - Eglinton Street United Presbyterian (CH3/769) GLASGOW CITY
  • Glasgow - Elgin Street United Presbyterian (CH3/770) GLASGOW CITY
  • Glasgow - Greyfriars Associate Glasgow - Shuttle Street United Presbyterian, Glasgow - Greyfriars United Presbyterian (CH3/469) GLASGOW CITY
  • Glasgow - Hutchesontown Relief, Glasgow - Hutchesontown United Presbyterian (CH3/398) GLASGOW CITY
  • Glasgow - London Road Secession, Glasgow - London Road United Presbyterian (CH3/160) GLASGOW CITY
  • Glasgow - Regent Place United Associate, Glasgow - Regent Place United Presbyterian (CH3/354) GLASGOW CITY
  • Glasgow - Shamrock Street United Presbyterian, Glasgow - Garnethill and St Stephen's Garnethill (CH3/1360) GLASGOW CITY
  • Glasgow - St Enoch's Free, Glasgow - Melville (CH3/525) GLASGOW CITY
  • Glasgow - St James's Free (CH3/1278) GLASGOW CITY
  • Glasgow - John Street Relief Church, John Street United Presbyterian, John Street Secession, John Street United Free (CH3/806) GLASGOW CITY
  • Glasgow - St Stephen's Free (CH3/162) GLASGOW CITY
  • Glasgow - Tollcross Relief, Glasgow - Tollcross Central Relief, Glasgow - Tollcross Central United Presbyterian (CH3/1342) GLASGOW CITY
  • Glasgow Original Secession (CH3/161) GLASGOW CITY
  • Glencairn Free (CH3/538) DUMFRIES
  • Glenkens Free (CH3/735) KIRKCUDBRIGHT
  • Greenlaw Associate, Greenlaw United Presbyterian (CH3/503) BERWICK
  • Greenock - Greenbank Associate, Greenock - Inverkip Street, Greenock - Greenbank United Presbyterian, Greenock - George Square (CH3/812) RENFREW
  • Greenock - Sir Michael Street Relief, Greenock - Sir Michael Street United Presbyterian (CH3/500) RENFREW
  • Greenock - St Andrew's Free, Greenock - St. Andrew's Free (CH3/471) RENFREW
  • Greenock - Trinity Associate, Greenock - Nicholson Street United Presbyterian (CH3/659) RENFREW
  • Greenock - Union Street United Secession, Greenock - United Presbyterian (CH3/499) RENFREW
  • Greenock - West Free (CH3/814) RENFREW
  • Greenock Associate, Crawfordsdyke Associate, Cartsdyke Associate, Wellpark (CH3/1378) RENFREW
  • Haddington - East United Presbyterian (CH3/168) EAST LOTHIAN
  • Hamilton - Brandon Street Second Relief, Hamilton - Brandon Street United Presbyterian (CH3/996) LANARK
  • Hamilton - St John's Free (CH3/680) LANARK
  • Harray Free (CH3/1095) ORKNEY
  • Hawick - East Bank United Secession (CH3/1633) ROXBURGH
  • Hawick Free, Hawick St George's (CH3/1151) ROXBURGH
  • Holytown Free (CH3/478) LANARK
  • Howgate (Antiburgher) Associate Session, Howgate United Presbyterian, Howgate United Free (CH3/1363) MIDLOTHIAN
  • Humbie and Fala Free (CH3/173) EAST LOTHIAN
  • Huntly Free Strathbogie New (CH3/620) ABERDEEN
  • Inch Free (CH3/557) WIGTOWN
  • Innerwick Free (CH3/1466) EAST LOTHIAN
  • Insch Free (CH3/175) ABERDEEN
  • Inverary Secession (CH3/176) ARGYLL
  • Inverkeithing Associate, Inverkeithing United Presbyterian (CH3/452) FIFE
  • Inverurie Free (CH3/556) ABERDEEN
  • Irvine East Associate, Irvine - Trinity Associate, Irvine - United Presbyterian (CH3/1288) AYR
  • Irvine Relief, Irvine United Presbyterian (CH3/409) AYR
  • Jedburgh Associate, Jedburgh Blackfriars United Presbyterian (CH3/350) ROXBURGH
  • Jedburgh Relief, Jedburgh High Street United Presbyterian (CH3/351) ROXBURGH
  • Johnstone and Wamphray Free (CH3/804) DUMFRIES
  • Kelso - East Relief, Kelso - East United Presbyterian (CH3/818) ROXBURGH
  • Kelso Associate, Kelso United Associate, Kelso United Presbyterian (CH3/606) ROXBURGH
  • Kelso Reformed Presbyterian (CH3/667) ROXBURGH
  • Kennoway United Presbyterian (CH3/1369) FIFE
  • Kilbarchan Relief, Kilbarchan United Presbyterian, Kilbarchan United Free East (CH3/1130) RENFREW
  • Kilbarchan Relief, Kilbarchan United Presbyterian (CH3/1130) RENFREW
  • Kilmarnock (Crookedholm) Reformed Presbyterian (CH3/1318) AYR
  • Kilmarnock - Princes Street Associate, Kilmarnock - Clerk's Lane Associate, Kilmarnock - Princes Street United Presbyterian (CH3/1337) AYR
  • Kilmarnock - St Andrew's Free (CH3/1021) AYR
  • Kilmaurs Associate, Smyton United Presbyterian, CH3/193 AYR
  • Kilmun Free (CH3/505) ARGYLL
  • Kincardine Associate,Kincardine United Presbyterian (CH3/1018) PERTH
  • Kinclaven Associate, Kinclaven United Presbyterian (CH3/502) PERTH
  • Kinkell Associate, Strathearn Associate, Kinkell United Presbyterian (CH3/518) ABERDEEN
  • Kinloss Free, Findhorn Free (CH3/1344) MORAY
  • Kinross - West Associate, Kinross West United Presbyterian (CH3/546) KINROSS
  • Kirkcaldy - Bethelfield United Associate, Kirkcaldy - Bethelfield United Presbyterian (CH3/846) FIFE
  • Kirkcolm Free (CH3/198) WIGTOWN
  • Kirkcowan United Secession, Kirkcowan United Presbyterian, Kirkcowan United Free (CH3/871) WIGTOWN
  • Kirkcudbright Free, Yetholm United Presbyterian (CH3/588) KIRKCUDBRIGHT
  • Kirkliston Free Church, Kirkliston United Free (CH3/1008) MIDLOTHIAN
  • Kirkmaiden Free (CH3/1575) WIGTOWN
  • Kirkwall Associate, Paterson United Presbyterian (CH3/1099) ORKNEY
  • Kirriemuir - South Free (CH3/899) ANGUS
  • Kirriemuir Associate (CH3/1398) ANGUS
  • Knockbain - Munlochy Free, Knockbain United Free (CH3/1200) ROSS AND CROMARTY
  • Lanark - Broomgate/Bloomgate First Relief, Lanark United Presbyterian, Lanark United Free (CH3/1449) LANARK
  • Langton Free (CH3/1521) BERWICK
  • Largs Burgher, Largs United Presbyterian, Largs - Clark Memorial (CH3/460) AYR
  • Leith - Kirkgate Associate, Leith - Kirkgate United Presbyterian (CH3/495) MIDLOTHIAN
  • Leith - Lumsden United Presbyterian (CH3/212) MIDLOTHIAN
  • Leith - Mariners Free (CH3/448) MIDLOTHIAN
  • Leith - St Andrew's Place Associate, Leith - St Andrew's Place United Presbyterian (CH3/826) MIDLOTHIAN
  • Leith - St John's Free (CH3/211) MIDLOTHIAN
  • Leith Relief, Leith - Junction Road United Presbyterian (CH3/728) MIDLOTHIAN
  • Leslie Associate, Leslie West United Presbyterian (CH3/319) FIFE
  • Letham United Associate (CH3/213) ANGUS
  • Lethendy Associate (CH3/214) PERTH
  • Leven Relief, Leven United Presbyterian (CH3/474) FIFE
  • Lochmaben Free (CH3/595) DUMFRIES
  • Luss Free (CH3/942) DUNBARTON
  • Lybster Free (CH3/882) CAITHNESS
  • Lynturk Associate, Tough Associate, Lynturk United Presbyterian (CH3/720) ABERDEEN
  • Macduff Free (CH3/1416) BANFF
  • Markinch Free (CH3/386) FIFE
  • Marnoch Free (CH3/1492) BANFF
  • Maryculter Free (CH3/225) KINCARDINE
  • Maybole Free (CH3/869) AYR
  • Mearns Associate, Newton of Mearns (CH3/227) RENFREW
  • Methven Associate, Methven United Presbyterian (CH3/444) PERTH
  • Midcalder - Bridgend Associate, Midcalder - Bridgend United Presbyterian (CH3/233) WEST LOTHIAN
  • Milnathort United Secession, Milnathort United Presbyterian (CH3/542) KINROSS
  • Moniaive Associate, Moniaive United Presbyterian (CH3/539) DUMFRIES
  • Monimail Free (CH3/679) FIFE
  • Montrose - Second United Associate, John Street (Burgher), Montrose - John Street Associate, Montrose United Free (CH3/858) ANGUS
  • Montrose - St George's Free (CH3/1179) ANGUS
  • Montrose - St John's Free (CH3/1178) ANGUS
  • Montrose First United Associate, Montrose - Mill Street United Presbyterian, Montrose - St Luke's, Montrose United Presbyterian (CH3/1177) ANGUS
  • Monzie Free (CH3/567) PERTH
  • Morebattle Associate, Gateshaw Associate, Morebattle United Associate, Morebattle United Presbyterian (CH3/520) ROXBURGH
  • Morebattle Free (CH3/526) ROXBURGH
  • Muirkirk Free (CH3/239) AYR
  • Muirkirk of Cambusnethan Associate, Bonkle United Presbyterian (CH3/1445) LANARK
  • Musselburgh - Bridge Street United Presbyterian (CH3/1495) MIDLOTHIAN
  • Musselburgh - Millhill Relief, Musselburgh - Millhill United Presbyterian (CH3/241) MIDLOTHIAN
  • Muthill Free (CH3/694) PERTH
  • Newarthill United Secession (CH3/1600) LANARK
  • Newbigging Associate, Newbigging United Presbyterian (CH3/612) ANGUS
  • Newhills Free (CH3/854) ABERDEEN
  • Newton Stewart Relief Church (CH3/246) WIGTOWN
  • Nigg (Antiburgher) Associate, Nigg United Secession, Nigg United Presbyterian (CH3/1433) ROSS AND CROMARTY
  • Nigg Free (CH3/1434) ROSS AND CROMARTY
  • Norrieston Free (CH3/1224) PERTH
  • North Ronaldsay Free (CH3/1101) ORKNEY
  • Oban United Associate, Oban United Presbyterian (CH3/727) ARGYLL
  • Ordiquhill Free, Ordiquhill and Ord (CH3/1045) BANFF
  • Ormiston Free, Pathhead and Ormiston Free (CH3/251) EAST LOTHIAN
  • Orphir Free (CH3/1102) ORKNEY
  • Paisley - Abbey Close Associate Session (CH3/465) RENFREW
  • Paisley - George Street United Secession, Paisley - George Street United Presbyterian (CH3/654) RENFREW
  • Paisley - Middle Free, Paisley - Gaelic chapel (CH3/902) RENFREW
  • Paisley - Oakshaw East Associate (CH3/550) RENFREW
  • Paisley Reformed Presbyterian, Oakshaw Free (CH3/751) RENFREW
  • Pathstruie Associate, Pathstruie United Presbyterian (CH3/343) PERTH
  • Patna United Presbyterian (CH3/939) AYR
  • Perceton Free, Perceton and Dreghorn Free (CH3/713) AYR
  • Perth - Middle Free (CH3/1283) PERTH
  • Perth - Wilson Associate, Perth - Wilson Church United Presbyterian (CH3/1284) PERTH
  • Perth Associate,Perth North Antiburgher, Perth United Presbyterian (CH3/507) PERTH
  • Perth Free, United Free St. Leonard's, St Leonard's-in-the-Field Kirk Session (CH3/545) PERTH
  • Pollokshaws Associate, Pollokshaws Burgher, Pollokshaws United Presbyterian (CH3/1171) RENFREW
  • Pollokshaws - East Free (CH3/1636) RENFREW
  • Polmont Free, Polmont United Free, Polmont South, later Brightons Parish Church (CH3/1196) STIRLING
  • Portobello - Windsor Place, Bath Street United Presbyterian (CH3/933) MIDLOTHIAN
  • Portree United Presbyterian (CH3/1122) INVERNESS
  • Portsoy Free (CH3/265) BANFF
  • Pulteneytown Free (CH3/888) CAITHNESS
  • Rathillet Associate (CH3/1565) FIFE
  • Rattray Associate, Blairgowrie Associate, Rattray United Presbyterian (CH3/1467) PERTH
  • Renfrew Free (CH3/881) RENFREW
  • Resolis Free (CH3/1296) ROSS AND CROMARTY
  • Rhynie Free (CH3/935) ABERDEEN
  • Roberton United Presbyterian (CH3/636) ROXBURGH
  • Roslin Free (CH3/522) MIDLOTHIAN
  • Rothesay Free (CH3/486) BUTE
  • Rutherglen Relief, Rutherglen United Presbyterian (CH3/1343) LANARK
  • Sanday United Presbyterian (CH3/1109) ORKNEY
  • Sandwick United Secession, Sandwick United Presbyterian (CH3/1110) ORKNEY
  • Savoch of Deer United Associate, Savoch of Deer United Presbyterian (CH3/1484) ABERDEEN
  • Scone Free (CH3/1333) PERTH
  • South Ronaldsay United Secession, South Ronaldsay United Presbyterian (CH3/1112) ORKNEY
  • Southend Relief, Southend United Presbyterian (CH3/887) ARGYLL
  • St Andrews - Hope Park Associate, St Andrews - Hope Park United Presbyterian (CH3/1584) FIFE
  • St Andrews - Martyrs Free (CH3/1585) FIFE
  • St Andrews Free (CH3/1107) FIFE
  • Stenness Free (CH3/1113) ORKNEY
  • Stewarton Original Secession, Stewarton Free, Stewarton United Free (CH3/789) AYR
  • Stirling - South Free (CH3/537) STIRLING
  • Stirling - Viewfield Associate, Stirling - Viewfield United Presbyterian (CH3/552) STIRLING
  • Stirling Associate, Stirling - St John Street, Erskine United Presbyterian (CH3/559) STIRLING
  • Strachan Free (CH3/1295) KINCARDINE
  • Stranraer - Ivy Place Associate, Stranraer - Ivy Place United Presbyterian (CH3/549) WIGTOWN
  • Strathaven Associate, Strathaven United Presbyterian (CH3/289) LANARK
  • Strichen Free (CH3/292) ABERDEEN
  • Stromness Associate, Stromness United Presbyterian (CH3/1114) ORKNEY
  • Stromness Free (CH3/1115) ORKNEY
  • Stronsay United Associate, Stronsay United Presbyterian (CH3/1116) ORKNEY
  • Tain Free (CH3/748) ROSS AND CROMARTY
  • Thurso Associate Congregation, Thurso Original Secession (CH3/1399) CAITHNESS
  • Tillicoultry Associate, Tillicoultry United Presbyterian (CH3/915) CLACKMANNAN
  • Tongland and Twynholme Free (CH3/1241) KIRKCUDBRIGHT
  • Tongue Free (CH3/449) SUTHERLAND
  • Tranent Free (CH3/561) EAST LOTHIAN
  • Urr United Associate, Urr United Presbyterian (CH3/1038) KIRKCUDBRIGHT
  • West Linton Associate, West Linton United Presbyterian (CH3/307) PEEBLES
  • Whithorn Associate, Whithorn United Presbyterian (CH3/308) DUMFRIES
  • Whithorn Free (CH3/801) WIGTOWN
  • Wigtown Free (CH3/311) WIGTOWN
  • Wigtown United Associate, Wigtown United Presbyterian (CH3/310) WIGTOWN
  • Wishaw Relief, Wishawtown, Wishaw United Presbyterian (CH3/1219) LANARK
  • Yetholm Burgher (New Licht), Yetholm United Presbyterian (CH3/578) ROXBURGH