Why have we changed the site?

We have changed the site in response to your comments. It now allows you to search free of charge and you only pay when you view, download or order copies of records. It allows the National Records of Scotland to make available a much wider range of records for your research.

Start searching

You can explore the site by starting to search our records and use the search tips on the search forms find guidance when you need it. You will need to log in or register with us to see search results, but you do not need to pay anything until you want to view, download or order copies.

Get help and guidance

Find out what records are in the site, read up on different types of record and how they can be used in different kinds of research in our guides. You can also get advice on technical issues like image viewing , filtering and sorting searches and managing your account.

What is the difference between official certificates and digital copies?

If you are using the site to order an official certificate of birth, marriage or death, you can go straight to certificate search. If you are using the site for research, read about the difference between certificates and copies, and which is appropriate in different circumstances.

How much will it cost?

Check our charges for ordering certificates and buying credits for pay-per-view research, and how to redeem vouchers.

What’s new?

Read our latest news and features for announcements and for feature articles that explore the amazing records on the site.