Double letters

Is it a double letter?

Double letters can look like a single letter, so, if you cannot read a letter, look carefully at it to see if it is a double letter. In particular remember that the double-l can look like w. In the words all and awand (meaning 'owing') below, the double-l in all is almost identical to the w in awand, and is formed by an almost identical motion of the pen:

the words all and awand showing the similarity between double-l and w.

The double-t can look like a modern capital H, as you can see in the word plaitt below:

the word plait showing the double-t looking like a capital H

Double letters may be used as capitals, as in the case of the letter F in the word Freehould below:

the word Freehould showing the double-f being used for a capital F

If this hasn't solved the problem try another option:

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