• I have vouchers that I have yet to redeem. Can I use these on the new website?

    Yes. Any unused vouchers can be redeemed, as on the previous website. Please see our redeem voucher page.

  • How do I redeem a ScotlandsPeople credit voucher?

    When you purchase a ScotlandsPeople credit voucher an email with the redemption code will be emailed to you. If you don’t have that email to hand and want to know your redemption code, if you look at your account you can find your voucher purchase in your ‘Order history’. If you click on the relevant purchase number and scroll down the page you will see an option to either print or resend the voucher.

    If you click on the print option, prior to printing the voucher you will be shown the redemption code. Alternatively, you can select the option for the code to be resent and you will receive an email with the redemption code.

    In order to redeem a voucher code against your account you need to access the web page below, which can be found under 'Our charges' tab. You also have the option of sending on the voucher code to someone else to allow them to redeem the code against their account.

    Click here to redeem a voucher