Poser 358 - Huntly Regality Court, 1724

This poser is from a slightly later source than usual. It is an excerpt from minutes of Huntly Regality Court dated 30 July 1724 (National Records of Scotland, RH11/40/2, page 33). At first glance the hand is easy to read - you can instantly recognise words - however to make an accurate transcription you need to look closely. The clerk has a habit of not joining components of letters together such as the minims in the letters m and n and the chambers in o, b and B are quite open. On the positive side, he uses the tittle mark for letter u so that is easily identifiable.

Image of extract from the minutes of the Synod of Fife, October 1627 (National Records of Scotland, CH2/154/1 page 317).


What we'd like to know from this poser is:

In the first case:
1. What was the pursuer's occupation?
2. Where did he live?
3. What item was worth four shillings?
4. Who was ultimately blamed for the absence of this item?

In the second case:
1. Where did John and Peter live?
2. How much did John pay Peter?
3. What was the payment for?
4. Was Peter Taylor in court?


For help with reading the poser, use our coaching manual. The following areas may be of particular assistance.

Letter b
Letter s
Letter t

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