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HMS Tiger
View of the bow from the port side of the hull of the Royal Navy battlecruiser HMS Tiger under construction surrounded by wooden scaffolding and with three railway wagons alongside at John Brown & Co Shipyard at Clydebank.

RMS Queen Elizabeth
View of construction of RMS Queen Elizabeth at John Brown and Company shipyard, Clydebank.

Tour of southern Spain
Patio de los Naranjos and Alminar, of the Cathedral, Cordoba, Andalusia, Spain.

Houses at Ellenabeich
Group of children outside workers' cottages, Argyllshire.

HMS Terrible, part of the starboard side and funnels, 1894
Photograph of part of the starboard side, 3 of the 4 funnels and the gangway access of the Royal Navy Powerful-Class armoured cruiser HMS Terrible at John Brown's (J & G Thomson's shipyard), Clydebank while under construction.

HMS Repulse
View of the Royal Navy Renown-Class battlecruiser HMS Repulse in the fitting-out basin at John Brown & Co. shipyard, Clydebank looking aft from the starboard side of the bow showing the forward turrets and conning tower.

HMS Repulse
View looking towards the bow of the main deck and the forward deck framing on the Royal Navy Renown-Class battlecruiser HMS Repulse during construction at John Brown & Co. shipyard at Clydebank showing the lower tier of armour fitted on B barbette.

HMS Hood
View of the starboard side of the fore quarter area of the Royal Navy Admiral-Class battlecruiser HMS Hood at John Brown & Co shipyard at Clydebank showing the funnels, 5.5 inch Mk 1 guns and main mast.

Farmer's Wife, Glen Creran, 1866
Photograph of Mrs Hall, wife of a farmer in Glen Creran