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E50 (submarine)
View of the engine compartment of the Royal Navy E-class submarine E50 showing the 800hp Vickers diesel engines.

HMS Jupiter, view of the keel under construction 1894
Photograph of the keel under construction of the Royal Navy Majestic-Class pre-Dreadnought battleship HMS Jupiter at John Brown's (J & G Thomson's shipyard), Clydebank. View looking forward.

HMS Repulse
View of the upper deck beams and plating looking aft towards the stern on the Royal Navy Renown-Class battlecruiser HMS Repulse during construction at John Brown & Co. shipyard at Clydebank.

HMS Tiger
View looking down towards the stern of the deck showing workmen riveting the main decking and the side gun platforms on the Royal Navy battlecruiser HMS Tiger under construction surrounded by wooden scaffolding at John Brown & Co. shipyard, Clydebank.

Police Box, c 1931
Illustration of a police box built by the Carron Company.

Articles of the Act of Union 1707
Page six of the Articles of the Treaty of Union between the Parliaments of England and Scotland.

RMS Queen Elizabeth
View of starboard bow construction of RMS Queen Elizabeth at John Brown and Company shipyard, Clydebank.

HMS Repulse
View of the forecastle deck looking aft of the Royal Navy Renown Class battlecruiser HMS Repulse in the fitting-out basin at John Brown & Co. shipyard, Clydebank taken from the dockside looking towards the gangways.

A gunner takes cover during the battle for the Rhine April 1945
Photograph of a Bren gunner from the 25th Scottish division taking cover behind a memorial while buildings blaze in the background. This photograph was taken during the battle for the Rhine in 1945 in the town of Uelzen, Lower Saxony.