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Fanny Parker, suffragette, 1914
Photograph of the suffragette Fanny Parker, alias Janet Arthur, being escorted from Ayr Sheriff Court by a police officer. Miss Parker, a niece of Lord Kitchener, faced trial for attempting to burn Robert Burns' cottage in Alloway

British first line trench at Carnoy, Somme battlefield, 1916
Photograph of the British first line trench at Carnoy on the Somme battlefield. Note the dog kennels and the gas gong made out of a shell case hanging right of centre.

Forth Railway Bridge Construction
Photograph of Fife main pier, view from west of central tower at full height, double cantilevers in construction.

HMS Repulse
View of the forward part of the Royal Navy Renown-Class battlecruiser HMS Repulse in the fitting-out basin at John Brown & Co. shipyard, Clydebank showing the turrets, rangefinder and conning tower and with the R-Class destroyers HMS Rowena & HMS Romola.

Seafield Colliery, c 1950s
Photograph of Seafield Colliery, with winding towers and surface buildings connected by gantries in view. Railtrack with coal wagons can be seen in the foreground.

Forth Railway Bridge construction
Photograph of a group of workmen at the site foundry/drilling road working on a Hudson's tunnel shield with inspection hatches and pressure pipes fitted on it.

Prisoner, Glasgow, 1883
Photograph of William Greig Richards, a prisoner in Barlinnie Prison, Glasgow.

St Kilda, Outer Hebrides
Photograph of Christine McGuinn, resident of St Kilda, and companion.

Tank crews in Libya thank British factory workers, 1942
Photograph of British tank crews in the western desert show their appreciation for tank factory workers.