If you had one account on our old ScotlandsPeople site

  • The first time you login to our new website you need to use the email address you use for your account and your existing password in the password field. If you did not have an email address then you will need to register an account and contact us with details of your old account. We will then merge the contents of this account with your newly created one.
  • You will be taken to an account confirmation page
    • You will be asked to confirm your e-mail address.
    • Our new site has strengthened password protection. You may need to choose a new password.
  • After this initial login we will send you a welcome email.
  • You will always use this e-mail address to login to our site from that point on.

If you had more than one account on the old ScotlandsPeople site

In the new website an email address can only be used with one account. You have two options: you can keep your accounts separate (each with a separate email address) or merge your accounts (to consolidate them under one email address).

Keeping accounts separate

You can have more than one account, as long as each account has a separate email address.

Merging accounts

If you have several accounts, you can merge these into one account.

If you want to merge several accounts, here's what to do:

  • log in to your main account using the steps for logging in with one account (above),
  • then, once you have successfully confirmed this account (following our confirmation email), contact us, provide your new account details and details (usernames and email addresses) of your other accounts that you'd like us to merge.

Video help guide

For further help on logging on, please see our video guide.