Poser 388 - court books of the High Court of Justiciary, 1566 (part 3)

This poser is the last of three and is taken from the court books of the High Court of Justiciary (Crown copyright, National Records of Scotland, JC1/13). It relates to a famous murder trial which took place in 1566. In poser 386 and poser 387, we learned that Thomas Scot, William Harlaw and John Mowbray were holding Mary Stewart captive at Holyrood Palace, killed David Rizzio and that Mary managed to escape to Dunbar castle. This week we will find out about the sentence.

As with poser 387, watch out for abbreviations and phonetic spelling.

Image of a passage from the court books of the High Court of Justriciary, 1566 (National Records of Scotland, JC1/13).

Question: what was the sentence?


For help with reading the poser, use our coaching manual. The following areas may be of particular assistance:

Phonetic spelling

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