Poser 372 - Rental of Torphichen Regality Court Register

This poser is an entry concerning property in Banff, which appears in a rental of 1632-36 taken from the Torphichen Regality Court register (National Records of Scotland, RH11/68/6, page 93). The rental lists lands which formerly belonged to the Knights Templar in Scotland, which by the time of the rental were part of the Regality of Torphichen. The writer uses the Scots plural form (-is), abbreviates words, the archaic letters thorn and yogh, and a few abbreviations.

Sometimes a word in a document is almost illegible, but can be deduced from its context. This is where knowledge of Scots law, especially property law, is a great help. The last word in line 5 is written very poorly and is difficult to read. If you know something about land tenures you will be able to work it out from the surrounding sentence, otherwise you might have to have recourse to a Scots dictionary and a bit of playing around with the word to find an alternative spelling which appears in the dictionary.

Image of a rental of Torphichen Regality Court register (National Records of Scotland, RH11/68/6 page 93).

Question: What kind of tenure was George Ogilvie's property held under?


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