Poser 332 - Rental of Dunstaffnage (Regality Court of Argyll), 1652

This poser is taken from a rental of Dunstaffnage for 1652, recorded in the records of the Regality Court of Argyll (National Records of Scotland, RH11/6/3).

The writing is quite neat and most of the secretary hand letters are well formed, but if you decide to transcribe the whole extract you might find the Argyll place names and some legal terms problematical. The writer uses three forms of the lower case letter s: the long s (for example in the word dunstaffnich in line 4), the common short s (for example in the word is in line 11), and a less-common, elaborate form of s (for example in the place name achnacreis, in line 6). The text includes words from three languages: Scots, Latin and Gaelic. In line 5 the term Charge meall means the amount of rent due, and the document then specifies four separate amounts due for four places.

Rental of Dunstaffnage, 1652 (National Records of Scotland, RH11/6/3).

Question: calculate the total amount of the four rents and, therefore suggest what Latin numerals should follow Sum[m]a Charge Meall in line 14.


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