Poser 330 - Porteous and traistis roll of Ayr, 1679

This poser, taken from the Porteous and traistis roll of Ayr, 12 September 1679 (Crown copyright, National Records of Scotland, JC26/53/4, page 2), we asked you who was murdered and who commanded the King's forces.

Passage from the Porteous and traistis roll of Ayr, 12 September 1679 (National Records of Scotland, JC26/53/4 page 2).

Answers: The archbishop of St Andrews was murdered and Duke of Buccleuch commanded the King's forces.


Ye & each of who ar Indyted & accused for the Cryms of high -
treason & perduellione in rysing & continewing in armes w[i]th
the number of fyve or sex thousand of your accomplices and serving
under & protecting the Cruell murderers of the late archbishop of
St andrews in y[ou]r rebellione and th[a]t be the space of 22 days in
the moneth of june last and untill ye wes Defate by his
ma[jestie]s forces under the Comand of James duke of buicleuch generall
of his ma[jestie]s forces w[i]thin this kingdome at the bridge of bothwell q[uhai]r ye
hade the Impudence & boldness to resist oppose & fight w[i]th his
ma[jestie]s forces and that ye have not taken the band not to ryse in
armes ag[ain]st his majestie & his au[thori]tie in tyme comeing and
therfor ye ought to be punished w[i]th forfaultur of lyff lands & goods

This poser was devised by Alan Laurie, a researcher with an interest in 17th century High Court of Justiciary cases.

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