National Records of Scotland have published valuation rolls from 1940 on our online research service, ScotlandsPeople, adding more than 60,000 new digital images.
You can now search over 2.8 million new indexed names and addresses for owners, tenants and occupiers of properties throughout Scotland.
Valuation rolls were created to help with collection of taxes, recording details of buildings, properties and their value, and the names of their owners and tenants.
They are a valuable tool for local history research and can be used to add foliage to your family tree by searching for people and properties between census years.
Paul Lowe, Registrar General and Keeper of the Records of Scotland, said:
“The 1940 valuation rolls provide a fresh insight into the lives of families and communities during this period and will give people in Scotland and around the world access to more of the records to further explore our shared history.”
1940 was the year the Second World War struck home for the people of Scotland with air-raids across the country. Our archivists investigated the newly released records and found evidence of the devastating attack on Wick in Caithness, an early daylight air raid on Britain of World War II.