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First record of Tartan, 1538

First official recorded mention of tartan within clothing accounts for King James V in 1538. The entry for 'Heland tartane' reads as follows:

ITEM in the first for ij elnis ane quart[er] eln[e] of va-
riant cullorit veluet to be the Kingis grace ane schort
heland coit p[re]ce of the eln[e] vj li~ Su[m]ma xiij li~ x d~
Item for iij elnis quarter elne of grene taffatyis
to lyne the said coit w[i]t[h] p[re]ce of the elne x s~ Su[m]ma xxxij s~ vj d~
Item for iij elnis of heland tertane to be hoiss to the
kingis grace p[re]ce of the elne iiij s~ iiij d~ Su[m]ma xiij s~
Item for xv elnis of Holland claith to be syde heland
sarkis to the kingis grace p[re]ce of the elne viij s~
Summa vj li~

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