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Sudan Expedition 1898
Tents pitched in a camp on the bank of the River Nile, next to a steam riverboat moored nearby.

HMS Repulse
Starboard broadside view of the completed Royal Navy Renown-Class battlecruiser HMS Repulse sailing down the Clyde Firth having just left John Brown & Co shipyard at Clydebank.

Articles of the Act of Union 1707
Page five of the Articles of the Treaty of Union between the Parliaments of England and Scotland.

HMAS Australia (402)
Port side view of the Indefatigable-Class battlecruiser, HMAS Australia on trial on the Clyde Firth just after commissioning

HMS Hood
Photograph of the starboard forward poppets on the Royal Navy Admiral-Class battlecruiser HMS Hood just prior to launching at John Brown & Co shipyard at Clydebank.

Defender of the Empire' Christmas card, 1914
Christmas card issued for the National Relief Fund entitled 'Defenders of the Empire' with illustration depicting servicemen of the British and Imperial Armed Forces

Fraserburgh Ice Factory workers
Group of men and children outside Fraserburgh Harbour Ice Factory.

HMS Repulse
View looking forward of the starboard side forward poppet against the hull of the Royal Navy Renown-Class battlecruiser HMS Repulse.

HMS Barham
Midships view of the Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship HMS Barham berthed in the fitting-out basin at John Brown & Co., with sailors and officers standing on the main deck and showing the conning tower, funnels and masts.