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RMS Queen Elizabeth
View of construction of RMS Queen Elizabeth at John Brown and Company shipyard, Clydebank.

LMS Class 3F-J-96 (CR Class 812) 0-6-0 McIntosh Locomotive No.57587
LMS Class 3F-J-96 (CR Class 812) 0-6-0 McIntosh Locomotive No.57587 at Perth.

Forth Railway Bridge construction
Photograph of the north viaduct girder being raised from its stone pier bases at Inchgarvie, with a caisson on the launchway in the foreground.

HMS Repulse
View of the forward part of the Royal Navy Renown-Class battlecruiser HMS Repulse in the fitting-out basin at John Brown & Co. shipyard, Clydebank showing the fully armed "A" and "B" turrets, range finder, conning tower, funnel, derricks and bow.

British airborne troops in action in Arnhem, 1944
Photograph of British paratroops taking cover in a shell hole during the battle for Arnhem in September 1944. Codenamed Operation Market Garden, the allies withdrew after a stubborn eight-day battle which saw the death of over 7000 British paratroopers.

E50 (submarine)
View of the controls and equipment on the aft port side of the Royal Navy E-class submarine E50 showing electrical wiring, motor and resistors

HMS Tiger
View of the stern from the starboard side of the Royal Navy battlecruiser HMS Tiger under construction surrounded by wooden scaffolding at John Brown & Co. shipyard at Clydebank.

Salute the Soldier billboard 1939-1945
Photograph of billboard poster used in the 'Salute the Soldier' wartime savings bond campaign.

German submarine at Westminster Pier, 1945
Photograph of U776 moored at Westminster Pier by the Houses of Parliament. The German submarine surrendered at Weymouth.