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Name Term description
Name MD Term description

Mutual Disposition

Name MTD Term description

Mutual Trust Disposition

Name MS Term description

Mutual Settlement

Name MDeed of S Term description

Mutual Deed of Settlement

Name Mail, maills and duties Term description

Mail is the Scots word for rent; maills and duties were the yearly rents of an estate due in money or grain.

Name Major Term description

Person of full legal age (21 before 1970, 18 after 1970).

Name Marriage contract Term description

A contract made between the husband or promised husband of a woman who was about to marry or just had, and her male relatives, settling the provision to be made for the wife or future wife. The idea was to improve on the legal rights of the wife or future wife and any children of the marriage, usually by the husband agreeing to grant them a liferent, or to grant the wife an annuity (the jointure), which would safeguard against any risk of the husband becoming insolvent. The contract could be made before marriage, when it was termed an 'ante-nuptial contract', or it could be 'post-nuptial' if made after. The ante-nuptial version gave the wife and children much stronger rights over the husband's estate should get into debt, because they would then be entitled to be considered as his creditors.

Name Minor Term description

Someone who is older than 12 if female or 14 if male, but still under the age of 21. 'Minority' can also be used to refer to the whole period of a person's life from birth until they reach 21. Minors may have curators who are appointed to look after their affairs; see also 'pupil'.

Name Moveable property Term description

The other kind of property in Scots law as opposed to heritable; in general, it is every type of property which isn't land or something connected with land.