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Name Term description
Name LW Term description

Last Will

Name Latter W Term description

Latter Will

Name Late Term description

Formerly, deceased

Name Legator Term description

The person to whom a legacy is left.

Name Leillie and treullie Term description

Legally and honestly (in later testaments the word used was 'faithfully').

Name Lie Term description

This word is used to introduce local names used in documents, or any Scots word or phrase brought into a Latin document.

Name Liferent Term description

A right entitling a person (called a 'liferenter') to use and enjoy another's property for life, providing this was done without wasting it; the liferent might be a sum of money paid yearly, or the income from a piece of land.

Name Liquidat Term description

In relation to debts or other due payments, it meant fixed in advance at a definite sum, or specified exactly; judicially assessed; having a monetary equivalent prescribed by decreet of court and appointed to be so paid.