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Name Term description
Name I Term description


Name Imprimis Term description

First or firstly [Latin].

Name In Term description

Indicates a tenant, e.g. Charles Malloch in Haughs of Cossins. [See also 'at'.]

Name Inde Term description

Therefore [Latin].

Name Infeftment Term description

The investing of a new owner with legal possession of land or heritage; 'infeftment in security' was the temporary infeftment of a creditor in heritable property as security against a loan or dbt.

Name Intromission Term description

Taking up the possession and management of property belonging to someone else. It can be legal, when someone is designated as an 'intromettor with the goods and gear' of another, or illegal, when it is called 'vicious intromission' in which case an heir intromits with the moveable property of his ancestors without right.

Name Inventar Term description

Inventory of moveable property.