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Name Term description
Name Heirs Term description

Can come in various forms. The heir general is on who succeeds to both the heritable and moveable property of a deceased person, who also happens to be that person's heir at law and heir by normal course of succession (his heir of line); the heir of provision, on the other hand, is one who succeeds by virtue of the terms of a settlement or some express provision; 'heir special' refers to the right of an heir to receive infeftment in particular lands, and heirs portioners are women who succeed jointly to heritable property; see also apparent heir.

Name Heirship moveables Term description

Certain moveable goods (generally the best) belonging to the deceased, to which the heir in heritage (normally the eldest son) was entitled by law.

Name Heritable Term description

Capable of being inherited, or pertaining to land and houses, i.e. the property which went by inheritance to the heir-at-law as opposed to moveable property. 'Heritable right' meant right by inheritance.

Name Heritage Term description

Inheritance; property in the form of land and houses which descended to the heir-at-law on the death of the proprietor; heritable estate.