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Name Term description
Name F.S. Term description

Female servant

Name Fa' wi' bairn Term description

Bacome pregnant (fall with child).

Name Factor Term description

Estate or farm manager

Name Failzie Term description

Failure to comply with something, or non-fulfillment of an obligation.

Name Faiple Term description

A loose underlip

Name Fair strae death Term description

Natural death in bed

Name Fairrie Term description

Collapse with exhaustion

Name Falconer Term description

One who trains and handles falcons and hawks

Name Fall Term description

A unit of square measurement equal to 36 ells. For more information, see our guide to weights and measures.

Name Farm servant Term description

A farm worker contracted to work for a farmer

Name Farmer Term description

One who tends a farm, including livestock and crops

Name Farrier Term description

Horse doctor

Name FDS RCPSG Term description

Fellowship in Dental Surgery of Royal College of Physicians and SUrgeons of Glasgow

Name Feltmaker Term description

One who makes cloth without a loom

Name Fencible Term description

Militiaman or volunteer soldier called to fight in a local or regional crisis

Name Fencing master/fencing-master Term description

One who teaches fencing and sword-fighting

Name Ferd corne Term description

An estimate of the value of grain sown (literally 'fourth corn'). The value of the amount sown was multipled to take account of the eventual yield. For more information, see our guide to agricultural produce and livestock.

Name Fermorar/fermour/fermourer Term description

One who tends a farm, including livestock and crops

Name Ferrier Term description

Horse doctor

Name Ferryman Term description

One who operates a ferry across a river or estuary

Name Feu Term description

Feudal holding, land granted to the Vassal by his Superior in return for feu-duty (cash or kind).

Name Feu-duty Term description

Annual payment by the Vassal to the Superior for use of land.

Name Feuar/fewer/fewar Term description

A person who holds lands in return for payment of feu-duty, a stipulated annual amount in cash or kind

Name FFPS Term description

Fellow of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

Name Fiar Term description

One who holds land in feu