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Name Term description
Name Ablepsy Term description

Loss of sight.

Name Ague Term description

Fever, usually malarial, characterised by sweating and shaking.

Name American plague Term description

Yellow fever (a viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes).

Name Anasarca Term description

Extreme generalised edema, i.e. swelling throughout the body. Can be caused by liver or heart failure, or malnutrition.

Name Aphonia Term description

An inability to speak for pathological or psychological reasons.

Name Aphtha Term description

A small ulcer on the mouth or tongue.

Name Apoplexy Term description

Traditionally denotes a sudden loss of consciousness, often preceding death. Also refers to bleeding within the internal organs.

Name Asphyxia Term description

A severe reduction in the amount of oxygen being supplied to the body through obstruction of the breathing, leading to loss of consciousness.

Name Atrophy Term description

A wasting away of an organ or body tissue owing to injury, disease or lack of use.

Name Axies/axes/access fits Term description


Name Aizle tooth Term description


Name Amshach Term description

Accidental injury

Name Anward trobell Term description

Inward trouble (could be gynecological).

Name Asmey Term description


Name Asoond Term description

In a faint