Did You Know? Facts from the 1901 Census

Information from the 1901 census

13,001 husbands were away from home on the night of the Census

Over half the female population of Linlithgow was under 20 years of age

41 people were 100 years of age and above (44 in 1891, 57 in 1881)

13,194 people lived in asylums (described as 'Lunatics' or 'Imbeciles')

11,797 people took shelter in poorhouses

3,104 people held in prisons and police cells

4,023 spent the night in barns, sheds, tents or caravans

22,627 Foreign Nationals resided in Scotland: 0.5% of the population

92.85% children aged 5-14 at school or studying at home

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