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Country Mansion

Here is part of the extensive Inventory of 'houshold plenishing' in Kimmerghame House, Berwickshire, the home of Sir Andrew Home, drawn up after his death in 1730.
[Ref: National Archives of Scotland - CC15/5/8]

This inventory is all the more valuable in that it tells us about a house which has long since disappeared. In 1851 a new Kimmerghame House was built on the site by David Bryce in the Scottish Baronial style. (The latter, too, has all but disappeared - it was destroyed by fire c.1947, and only partly rebuilt).

The entire property consisted of: dining room, drawing room, calico room, little north room, yellow room, blue room, ladies room, green room, my lady's closet, kitchen, servants' hall, pantry, milk house, inner garret, summer house, little room at the door of the summer house, distilling house, brewing house, lower room of the new house, laundry, room next to the laundry, men's room, chaplain's room, wine cellar, stables, granary and washing house.

The full inventory also covers the contents of Sir Andrew's lodgings in Fishers Land, Edinburgh, which comprised: kitchen, butler's closet, Master Hume's room, Mistress Betty's room, dining room, my Lady's room, ladies' store room, my Lord's room, cellar and garret

Take a look into some of the rooms at Kimmerghame, and relive the past - imagine the scenes of family disharmony which must sometimes have taken place here. Half a century earlier Charles, 6th Earl of Home, had been imprisoned in Edinburgh Castle for acceding to the clandestine marriage of the heiress of Ayton in Berwickshire, Jean Home, to young George Home, son of the Laird of Kimmerghame!

Dining Room
Nine rush bottomed chairs
Two rush bottomed armed chairs with cushions
Two green window curtains Eighteen prints
A little fire screen
A chimney glass and sconces
A chimney tongs and poker
Two brass locks on the doors

Drawing Room
A pair of glass sconces and two brass locks
A large chair
Eight rush chairs and cushions of red leather
A Japand table and looking glass
Two pairs of glass sprigs
A grate, tongs and poker
Curtains for the windows
(In the closet - a tea table)

Calico Room
A calico bed, feather bed, bolster and two pillows
A blue cheque under the bed
Five English blankets
A calico old quilt
Two window curtains
A chimney glass
A grate, tongs and poker

  Yellow Room
A yellow bed
Two pieces of yellow hangings
Six chairs the backs the same with the bed
An easy chair
A looking glass and gilded table
A chimney glass
A bed, bolster and four pillows
A white quilt and four blankets
Two glass sprigs
A grate, tongs and poker

Ladies Room
A cloth bed and hangings
A feather bed, bolster and four pillows, five blankets,
a quilt Hangings for the room
Four rush chairs
A cupboard
A glass
A chimney glass
A chest of drawers
A chest
A carpet
A grate, tongs, poker and brush
Window curtains of calico for two windows
Eleven Indian prints, five black and white
A chair bed


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