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Family Tree

If you are thinking about investigating your family tree in Scotland, you have come to the right place. With ScotlandsPeople, you can discover your Scottish family tree with our unique and unrivalled online resource. With almost forty million records compiled, we can boast one of the largest ever repositories of family tree information on the web.

Use our free surname search facility to search our family tree information >>

Search for the details of your family tree in Scotland safe in the knowledge that there isnt a better place to start looking. With our fully accessible records of births all the way from 1553 to 1903, and marriages until 1928, in addition to the records of all deaths from 1855 to 1953, you can be sure to uncover your family tree at ScotlandsPeople.

Review a few of the millions of records ScotlandsPeople has brought together and youll quickly realise the volume of family tree information at your finger tips.

Facts and figures, names, places and events have been extracted from, among many other sources, the national decennial census. All this data has then been catalogued and made available through our cutting-edge, simple-to-use website.

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