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I am researching a Mc/Mac surname. How should I go about this?

Mc and Mac surnames are indexed separately, but it is very common for a person to be registered as Mc in one record and Mac in another. You should therefore check both if you have difficulty in finding the entry you are looking for. Alternatively, use wildcard * or % to return all Mc and Mac possibilities in one search, e.g. searching on M*CDONALD will return MCDONALD and MACDONALD. Be aware also that sometimes a Mc/Mac surname has been recorded with a space e.g. MACDONALD appears as MAC DONALD, but these should be included automatically in the returns. The exception to this is when populating the parent field(s) in OPR births/baptisms. Since this is a free text search, be aware if searching for Mc/Mac parent names that those recorded with a space will not be returned automatically.

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