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How much does it cost to access the records?

The surname search on the Homepage is free and covers all records, allowing you to check how many records of a particular surname appear in the various datasets, before you commit to payment.

Access to the wills and testaments index and the coats of arms index is free of charge. Viewing full-colour, digital images of an original will, testament or inventory costs 10 credits (2.33GBP) per document, regardless of length. Viewing a full-colour, digital images of a coat of arms costs 10GBP per document, regardless of length.

Access to statutory, OPR, Catholic parish register and census indexes costs 7GBP. For this fee, you will receive 30 "page credits" which are valid for 1 full year. Viewing a page of index results costs 1 credit and each page will contain up to 25 search results. Viewing an image costs 5 credits (equivalent to 1.17GBP). Your session begins when payment has been authorised and additional credits may be purchased in 7GBP increments. The session will restart with each new credit purchase.

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