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About The Various Record Types

What are census records?
Where can I find information on a stillbirth?
Where can I find information on adopted persons?
What is a will?
Why can't I see later census returns?
What are Old Parish Register records?
What is the Public register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland?
Does the Register of Arms and Bearings show genealogical information?
How do I find out about Coats of Arms after 1908?
Who can apply for a Coat of arms?
Who can use a Coat of Arms?
What is a Coat of Arms?
What is a header page?
My ancestors were poor, so would they have left a will?
Are a will and a testament the same thing?
What is a confirmation?
What is an inventory?
Where will I find the other documents mentioned in a will?
Where I find the words Probate or Letters of Administration, what do they mean?
What is an additional inventory?
What is a marriage contract?
What is an eik?
What about testaments between 1804 and 1824?
Is there a difference between a settlement and a disposition?
How were the testaments recorded?
What is a 'testament dative'?
What is a 'testament testamentar'?
What is a testament?
Are there any census records on shipping?
On what dates were the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses carried out?
My ancestor was born abroad. Do you have any information on his birth?
My ancestor was a soldier who died in World War I. Do you have any information on him?
Why are there restrictions on viewing Statutory images online?
What are the differences between Old Parish Register and Statutory Register records?
What is an RNE?
Is the OPR data on ScotlandsPeople the same as that found on the LDS website?

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