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The table below gives an indication of the records that you will find on the site.

Type of Record Year Range Indexed? Images?
OPR Births & Christenings 1538-1854 Yes Yes
OPR Deaths & Burials 1538-1854 Yes Yes
OPR Marriages & Proclamations of Banns 1538-1854 Yes Yes
CPR Baptisms & Births 1703-1855 (*complete) Yes Yes
CPR Baptisms & Births 1855-1908 (**incomplete) Yes Yes
Statutory Register Births 1855-1915 Yes Yes
Statutory Register Births 1915-2014 Yes No
Statutory Register Deaths 1855-1965 Yes Yes
Statutory Register Deaths 1965-2014 Yes No
Statutory Register Marriages 1855-1940 Yes Yes
Statutory Register Marriages 1940-2014 Yes No
RCE 1855-1961 Yes Yes
Census 1841 Yes Yes
Census 1851 Yes Yes
Census 1861 Yes Yes
Census 1871 Yes Yes
Census 1881 Yes Yes
Census (LDS) 1881 Yes No (but information transcribed)
Census 1891 Yes Yes
Census 1901 Yes Yes
Census 1911 Yes Yes
Wills & Testaments 1513-1925 Yes Yes
Coats of Arms 1672-1913 Yes Yes
Valuation Rolls
1855, 1865, 1875, 1885, 1895, 1905, 1915, 1920, 1925, 1930
Yes Yes

*If the records survive, they have been digitised and indexed and made available online. No surviving records are thought to be missing from the collection – however this does not mean that all localities are covered by all records at all times.

**If the records were available to the Scottish Catholic Archives, they were digitised and indexed. In the post-1855 period, the collection of records is far from complete.


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