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QLTR - ultimus haeres etates which may have fallen to be administered by the Crown

If you think you have a relative who has died whose estate may have fallen to be administered by the Crown in the absence of a will or known relative (often referred to as an ultimus haeres estate) further information can be obtained from the Queen’s and Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer (QLTR) website http://www.qltr.gov.uk.

In addition to general information regarding the QLTR and ownerless property falling to the Crown that website includes information (by deceased’s name) regarding ultimus haeres estates reported to the QLTR and at various stages including estates where administration has been completed and which have been advertised in the national press since August 2003 and which remain open for claim. There are also details of cases undergoing preliminary investigation by the National Ultimus Haeres Unit, Glasgow prior to an estate being reported to the QLTR. The website also identifies what you would require to provide to the QLTR for her to be able to consider a claim where you think you might be a relative entitled to make a claim in respect of an ultimus haeres estate.

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